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The miscreant

Ahh yes, Superbowl Sunday. What could be more American than drinking shitty beer while sitting on your ass and yelling at a television for hours on end, only to have a man's penis flap around on-screen at probably the most crucial point in the game? Nothing.

On Sunday Feb 1st, 2009 an employee at Comcast decided that while this year's game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals may have been one of the best Superbowls evar, it was seriously lacking in the loldongs department. Like so many selfless heroes before him, he decided to take matters into his own hands, by way of splicing a clip from Club Jenna into the live feed.

It only lasted a moment and was only broadcast in and around the Tucson, Arizona area, but was still sheer win. The old media is calling the wambulance over what the internet would describe as a harmless dick-joke (but rly, that thing wasn't very harmless it almost put her eye out). Comcast is reportedly faking an investigation to satisfy the morally outraged fucks who are no less the ones to blame for why Americans need to distract themselves with mindless entertainment in the first place.

On February 5th, 2011, Frank Tanori Gonzalez (the man responsible for Super Bowl XXX), was unfortunately arrested for Hacking the Super Bowl.

The Video

Superbowl PORN Accident 2009

That's the best endzone dance I've seen in years. Too bad he'll get a 4 game suspension for unsportsmanlike conduct.


Some sportsfag in the youtube comments - being unfunny

Nice Big Cock


—Tyler, Fight Club

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