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The Surgeon is a forced meme/spam plaguing 4chan and other sites, which began sometime in early 2010. It does not seem to have any real origin, and is mainly repeated posts about "The Surgeon".

Originally, the message was:

Love.the surgeon or die /B/:

. . †

with a random set of numbers in each post. This spam was only found on 4chan /b/. It went on for around several damn months, until it disappeared. Unfortunately, by then every retard and newfag was asking about it and reposting it (even on non-chan sites and forums). Then in June 2010, the spam returned with a new message, simply stating the surgeon is.back and a meme was born. This meme feeds off making no goddamn sense, baiting newfags into asking about it (and getting b&). There is no apparent meaning behind the quotes or spammed messages, all simply mass posted over and over again by some bored basement-dweller, script kiddie who actually thinks he can force-write himself into meme history.

Also, a recently fired 4chan mod who decided to spill all of moot's and 4chan's inner-secrets in a /b/ thread at 4AM in early July 2010, stated that they know EXACTLY who the spammer is, however they can't release his dox because hes a minor. That little fucker.

What It Looks Like Now

A more recent incarnation of the meme tries to miserably add more depth to it. Likely started by moar newfags trying to hop on the dying meme, it retcons the idea of the original message with a story of inspiration for the 'surgeon'. Oooh, I'm already shivering with mystery.

There are many of those quotes that keeps the surgeon inspired about his job, they also help him jump these large obstacles in life. Fortunately, the quotes have been released to the public to help inspire fellow surgeons.

At 10, I was intrigued by surgery, I wanted to be surgeon for a long time. I love doctor shows and surgery shows. Blood is not an issue for me. I even took pictures once of me getting my blood taken.

Dr Babanga, my local doctor, recommended that I should perhaps try superflex before and after breakfast.

Humanity abhors, above all things, a vacuum in itself, and your class will be cut off from humanity as the ?surgeon slowly cuts the cancer and alien growth from the body.

Fantastic, the ?surgeon is ?inspired
Fantastic, the ?surgeon is ?inspired
Fantastic, the ?surgeon is ?inspired
Fantastic, the ?surgeon is ?inspired



Love The.surgeon or die

return of the surgeon is here


UPDATE: As of 11PM PST, July 12:

the? surgeon has only recently postponed his current operation to wish you a fantastic christmas and hopes you stay healthy

He wishes you a Merry Christmas;
He wishes you a Merry Christmas;
He wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy new stitch;
Good tidings he brings to you and your lungs;
Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Scar.

Fantastic, the? surgeon is delighted
Fantastic, the? surgeon is delighted
Fantastic, the? surgeon is delighted
Fantastic, the? surgeon is delighted

(The patient is smiling) - excellent


UPDATE: As of 7PM PST, July 16th:

Whilst the surgeon eagerly waits on his next patient you can see the inspiration, satisfaction, determination and brilliance in his face. The surgeon may seem like a fierce creature on choosing his next instrument to use on the patient, and his discussion on the patients ability to take long strides in his future walk of life. Not only does he predict the patients future lifestyle, he predict's the excellence of his close friends; the instruments. The instruments that the surgeon relys on also rely on the surgeon's future, life, cutting-time and inspiration.

The surgeon MUST take time to gather up his passion towards his instruments:-

"My surgeon often used to present his fine tools before I felt the effect of anesthetic; not only did this calm me down but it was truly visible on how inspired the surgeon is about his job"

"the surgeon was a masterpeice upon all masterpieces in life, such as the Moan Lisa or Snake Charm. The surgeon was similar to a transparent bulb in that you could see the 'guts' of the bulb and get an idea on how it may function, but, you can NEVER predict on when it may fiz.

"I would like to see the day when somebody would be appointed the surgeon somewhere who had no hands, for the operative part is the absolute least part of the work."

"Just the actual physical ability to hold four instruments simultaneously and do some of the things that he was able to do is mind blowing to any surgeon." - The patient is waving. Fantastic.

"I met the surgeon - he offered me a cigarette."

"Let me alone: I have yet my legs and one arm. Tell the surgeon to make haste and his instruments. I know I must lose my right arm, so the sooner it's off the better. "

Fantastic. The surgeon raised an eyebrow
Fantastic. The surgeon raised an eyebrow
Fantastic. The surgeon raised an eyebrow
Fantastic. The surgeon raised an eyebrow

(the patient offered the surgeon for a cup of coffee) - excellent



One has surfaced that suggests the forcing of this supposed meme coincides with the release of The Human Centipede.

UPDATE: Apparently the quotes go together to form 'one' story. View the Shoops section for more.

Alternate Forms

It Actually Has Pictures


Falling for it

C-C-C-Combo Breaker

On July 14th, 2010 at 1:17 am (PST) on 4chan's /b/, The Surgeon posted a series of extremely well timed combo breaking spam posts in an extraordinary show of coincidence.


Since the 4chan staff is reluctant to release the spammers identity, There is currently a bounty of 50,000 INTERNETZ for the dox of the surgeon spammer.

The Surgeon is DEAD

On 7/19/2010 at about 2:30am EST, A crackpot team of chemofag skiddies awesome people from TheFailship and one man in a tar-paper shack in Eastern Kentucky managed to break The Surgeon's EXE down after nearly 3 days of 24/7 work. They discovered where the TXT files were hidden as well as a hidden timer that was counting down to something big. However, after much herping and derping, they found that if the bot saw a 404 from the text files, it would become an hero. 4Chan moderators were quickly notified, the websites administrators were instructed to remove the content that was feeding the spammer. The Surgeon became an hero, and delicious cake was served at the Project Chemo headquarters on AnonNet.

The Surgeon is an hero. Fantastic
The Surgeon is an hero. Fantastic
The Surgeon is an hero. Fantastic
The Surgeon is an hero. Fantastic

The Chemo offers him a nice blast of fire. Excellent.

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