Susan Fox-Davis

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Meet the slim Supergirl who will stalk your children in video games!

Susan L. Fox-Davis (or just Susan Fox), in virtuality known as Kara Timtam (born 09/06/1957), is a morbidly fat, 62-year old woman from California who roleplays as the slim Supergirl on the Internet. Together with Gene Turnbow, she stalks teenagers in the video game Second Life in the most creepy way imaginable. Her and Gene's stalking includes creating a database on thousands of SL players who are 40 years their juniors, harrassing people's employers and colleges IRL, stalking a dying AIDS patient's family, and stalking/cyber bullying a transgendered teenager, then mocking her after her suicide. Susan and Gene believe themselves to be part of Justice League Unlimited in Second Life and real life.

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