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Sushi is the edible version of the iPod, the food version of the chai latte, the RL version of "^_^".

In other words, it's gayer than a man fucking another man in the ass. Not if you eat it off a naked woman as some Nips like to do.

Sushi is completely tasteless, non-nutritional, and will turn you gay faster than weev. It's really really popular, unsurprisingly. Not only that, Wapanese faggots won't eat because of it's raw content, and something they hadn't tried before. They'd rather eat other crap like Pocky or Ramen because they see animu characters eating it and think it's SOOOOOOO KAWAII ANIME DESU!!!!1!!.

A Short History Of Sushi

At least 100 years ago, the japanese ran out of wood to make dildos with. As bamboo tends to splinter and pwn your insides, they glued rice together with 'asian glue' and wrapped it in seaweed. With these new dildos, they could then return to their national pastime of assrape.


The hero sushi deserves.
  • There is absolutely nothing that tastes good in sushi that doesn't taste a hell of a lot better out of it.
  • If you want to eat stuff that tastes like raw fish, become a lesbian.
  • Every time you eat sushi, you are eating the symbol of azn dongs.
  • Sushi may also refer to an ED user who may be the only person who can keep you

straight once you've eaten this shit.

  • I herd eating sushi killz off zee mudkipz =O
  • Sushi is well known for containing high levels of mercury. Once the poser in question has eaten enough, they will succumb to mercury poisoning, rendering them Insane, sending them into an ironic cycle of buying and consuming more sushi
  • Sushi sold in mall foodcourts tends to violate several health codes, due to the fact that people who run these restaurants can have pre-scientific notions of what causes disease. (hint: it's germs, not "bad chi")

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