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Switch police on will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Switch police on

Switch police on is a shitty forced 4chan meme full of fail and aids which was invented last thursday.

Switch the police on started when some fuckface posted a link to an article in German, forgetting that 4chan is full of American dipshits who can only attempt English. As the article was about a guy raping his 12-year-old sister a 12 year old boy being raped by his 16 year old sister and therefore relevant to most of 4chan's interests, the American /b/-tards took to the internets in an attempt to translate it. They came up with:

"Swan village - the police already arrested the 16 years old pupil on past Friday. The young person put, communicated a comprehensive confession down police headquarters in the oberpfaelzischen Amberg. "the Martyrium of the girl took a whole year" since beginning of the year up to the past week, thus already nearly, said a police speaker.

To the light the crime came, after the achievements of the girl in the school had become worse in the past weeks ever. "fortunately the class chief reacted exemplarily and tried, to the causes to the reason to go", said the police speaker. The twelve-year-old boys finally it entrusted itself to its teacher and reported that she is forced for months from her brother to sexual actions. The school switched immediately the police on."


Rough Translation

What It Means, You Retard.

Schwandorf - The police confirmed the arrest of a 16 year old girl last Friday. The adolescent has a given a comprehensive confesstion, away from the police department of the district of Amberg. "She's felt suicidal since the beginning of the year, up until a week ago. That's almost an entire year already." said a police officer.

The crime came to light after she began to get worse at school in the past weeks. "It was fortunate that the Class Chief reacted so well and attempted to find the cause." said the police officer. The 12 year old boy eventually went to his teacher and confessed to her that as of a few months ago, his sister (the 16 year old girl had forced him to perform sexual acts on her. The school immediately called the police.


Spiegel Online with the help of a /b/tard WHO ACTUALLY SPEAKS NAZI


Starved for even remotely original content, /b/ jumped on this phrase like hyenas to a carcass, and within minutes it was being shopped onto various images. There is debate as to whether this constitutes a forced meme or an insta-meme.

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