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Sylvia Plath was the writer responsible for popularizing confessional poetry, in which the poet goes on for soppy pages about how dreary life is, and how all the puppies look sad, and how much she wants to stick her head in an oven. Eventually, she tired of writing about suicide and committed it, instead.

Her work is worshiped by emos, goths, cutters and all 16-year-old girls and is loathed by twenty-somethings who have outgrown that phase.

Sylvia Fans

  • seraphic's Blurty Entries
    • "I love sylvia plath, the words are so alive, burning, jagged, expressive. ... omg justin just came on the television. all those colored lights..."

Hating Sylvia

    • If Sylvia Plath had never married Ted Hughes, your average emo would have no reason to even consider reading her because she would be described for what she really was, a rich, overindulged, pampered Americunt partygirl, similar to Paris Hilton that tried to sell her, at best, mediocre recordings chronocling her drinking, fucking and obsession with death as something that hardly made an attempt to resemble literature. --Erotic Joe.

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