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ALL HAIL TORCHIC, MUDKIP SUCKS Here's the symbol of great human deprivation. Isn't it look like the Nazi flag, but in a way pretty moar ghey... But it's too late, Now we are doomed!
The almighty insects god may ask for mass human sacrifices sumtimes.
Yes, Brian is actually a man! No shit!!!.

TCK, aka La Tektonik, is a supposed dance style created at least 100 years ago in fagland Belgium by Bagramor, the almighty insect god for his secret global world domination plan. Sum ever said that TyrannoSatan himself got involved into the conspiracy too. Slowly the minions of those evilish gods did they dirty work, soundlessness... And now it's time for truth to come!

But Before reading further moar plz be awarded that hellish Tektonik dancers are over 9000 times moar ghey than both Placebo singer Brian Molko and George Michael himself... Those total ghey morons suffer from a lack of interest from their friends and families and consequently, enjoy wearing fashioned queers stuff like:

Then, check out the authentic ghey hair cut that result... Here we have another shitty perversion of residual 70's punk subculture (see emo fags, Californian homosexual "punk/rock"). Also notice that they enjoy intensively fucking each others skinny butt hole and, as they reached an extreme edge in faggotry, all Tektonik dancers have AIDS and actually enjoy it. Now the malevolent organization has grown to Spain, Brazil, and other European border line countries... When and where will this end?! Nothing can stop them but you! Act now, buy some 12' gauge shells and hand grenades and get ready to do your civic duty!

The TCK issue

THE ultimate fags crew... Must be sum French offsprings.

In there plotting for the end of the occidental capitalistic known society they also collaborate with Muslim local terrorist group FAFABWTE (Fucking Angry French/Arabic Badass Who Troll Everything). Although all of those fanatics fagass are absolutely not jews (WTF?!), a 'Die Endlösung der Judenfrage' diligence may be needed again here. Regarding dat they are breeding as fast as roaches, a smart, clean and rapid solution must be found quickly to kick em outta da process. But the fact is dat the French government (see also fascist cumbag) don't really care about, cuz they are too busy with stealing our money and smoking sum moar healthy crack. Those bitches are doing it wrong you know, and they better be building sum awesum and efficient re-education camp or somewhat definitely just for the lulz (see Auschwitz fun playground, Birkenau theme park and the great 'Schadenfreude' theory.)

How to be a TCK?

They are definitely asking FOR IT!

Attempting to do the following can badly damage your sanity. Never attempt to do it by your own at home. It is generally better left to all be performed by professional stuntmen:

  • Forget about any form of self esteem.
  • Dance like a paraplegic aspie having a seizure, preferably in an overcrowded area.
  • Get publicly laughed at for being more flamboyant than the biggest french fags.
  • Go back to your hugbox.
  • Contemplate suicide.
  • ??????
  • Profit!

How to get rid of the TCK threat?

The only way to solve it all.
  • Become a 40,000 dead by firearm's per year Country, with weapons being sold everywhere at a reasonable price everyone could do his own part. So come on frogies, don't be a coward pussy: kill some TCK bitches!
  • Poisoning international drinking water reserves.
  • Legalise marijuana.
  • Nuke 'em all but 'avec style s'il vous plaît!'

How to troll a TCK faggot?

  • Make comments on his very fancy makeup.
  • Have a self-induced epilepsy in front of him, hopefully killing you in the process, as he starts dancing along.
  • Explain to him that you can't tell the difference between him and his girlfriend. They don't have any girlfriends.
  • Remind him that he's French.

The Videos that should not be...

Fucking sick retarded!

I still wonder how so many ghey motherfuckers manage to gather at the same place and the same time.

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