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"TFS," otherwise known as "The Flood's Sanctuary", is a group on created by the user Felicia402. The group features numerous notable members from the forums, and has gained notability elsewhere on the site, sometimes assuming an infamous reputation. Niggers run rampant in this clusterfuck of a group, tossing spears into the eyes of any chinks that cross their path. Armed with a laughably small phallus, captionRender007 (alternate account: xXI love To Suck Nigger CockXx) moderates the group with a level of autism only rivaled by the anus-plugging dumbass himself, PSU Athletics. Nobody knows precisely why PSU is as retarded as he is, other than his father often stuck needles into his nipples while simultaneously screwing his wife in the ass in front of his son. Other moderators include King Dutchy, a local militant atheist who's primary goal is the destruction of Armenians, Felicia402, A Citizen (aka "Fu-Ckama-Baut") who has an enormous hard-on for the queen of the group herself. Simba Too Cold, Felicia's pet iguana, often catches himself acting like he's somehow significant.

Other notable members include GuN (A fan of neurology who chokes on dicks), Halo3Genius (Diarrhea), TrussingDoor (little arse who thinks he's actually a contributing member), WinyPit82 (A local astronomy geek who thinks he's top shit for being a complete fucking nerd), DarkSunnyBoy (An idiot who has difficulty arguing with prepubescents), Verbatim (Banned under the accusation for "being a complete fucking dumbass" as said by Felicia), Fatman 3000 (Jackass of the day), Halomaster (Just fucking lol), OnedeadCaveman (The group pussy-sniffer, and TrussingDoor's alt because we need double the retard), Disambiguation (Mathematician who studies mathematical maths), Edmi Winehouse (Fucker nigger dick asshole cunt licker), Cindy (The group whore who supposedly bears a vagina that skews off to her leg like the skidmark from a car accident), Psychotic Undead (This guy is a fucking weirdo who will probably murder six elderly women and also worships Satan), Madmaxepic (An idiot who argues like this: "I'm right, fuck me in my asshole if you disagree."), and DJ Yella (Holy fuck, this kid acts like he's black).


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