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Time is something the internet will take from you. Eventually, after prolonged internet exposure you will find you have no time for such things as sleeping, working, or a girlfriend. If you are a girl you will have no time to do anything at all because the many men of the internet will fearlessly and endlessly stalk you.

Time has been considered by some to be over rated, and can be directly linked to vintagephiles and stupid nostalgia the same. Most time is spent nowadays in Norway, or paying attention to a TV.

World of Warcraft

If you think installing the five disks, patches, expansions, and more patches takes alot of time, think again. It's a fact that over 9,000 people (10 million+) spend their free time getting to level 80 to prove their worth in the world (of warcraft).

Time Cube

Time cube blows the whole concept of time right out the fucking window.

Time Magazine

Time Magazine is full of drama lulz. Especially lulz are the comments and complaints, their coverage of W and National Jenga Day, and the people who read this magazine often. Fortunately, according to Derrick Zoolander, "nobody reads your little TIME Magazine."

Wastes of Time