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Amorous Professor Cherry is (as TV Tropes so asininely puts its), Exactly What It Says On The Tin:

A game with a teacher whose name sounds like Cherry who you get to repeatedly fuck.

The game starts with Kouta sitting in case, having a dream of fucking your big breasted teacher, Chieri Hase. You get caught, and later on she gets you to confess why you were sleeping in class (and she ganks Kouta's porno, which revolves around fucking teachers).

IRL, this would get most people in school in deep shit.

However, Chieri figures it would be better idea to give you oral to calm down, which basically winds up being the gateway to her becoming a total whore and doing all sorts of kinky shit on demand.

Eventually, her even more slutty best friend gets wind of this, as does some jealous tsundere childhood friend, and the whole thing turns into a fucked up love triangle with multiple endings.

TV Tropes related drama

During the Great Pedocide of April 2012, the page on this game was cut as porn.

Gallery of Titillating Teacher Twats

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