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The plot of Conquering The Queen goes something like this.

Vincent Conquer, a swordsman with the ability to hypnotize people and lust for both pussy and power saves the princess of a country called Katusha, which is warring with another country called Eclipse, and that leads him to join up with the Katushan army, where he works his way up the ladder of power.

Along the way, he encounters a bunch of uppity whores who don't know their place, and so, on his quest for power, he uses the only strategy that works.


Vincent Conquer - Smooth motherfucker who you play as. A master at bullshit and swordsmanship (and having the ability to eyefuck people into kissing your ass doesn't hurt), this guy manages to fuck every other woman in the game, even teaching his subordinates the fine art pounding uppity bitches into submission.

Remmy - A soldier in the Katsuhan Army and the first bitch Vince fucks. Unlike the others, she doesn't do that whiny bullshit about how she didn't like being fucked and bends over for every cock (and pussy) in sight after Vince has his way with her

Matilda - The female commander of the guard who tries to remind Vince who's in charge. Unfortunately, since she has a pussy, it isn't her, and after fucking with her emotions and a little bit of raep, she breaks down, fucks her stepbrother, rolls around in a dungeon as a cumdumpster, then spends the rest of her life polishing Vince's mighty halberd.

Ed - Matilda's stepbrother, a pasty little faggot with a siscon fetish.

Of course, Vince sets his stupid ass up to die to troll Matilda, but not before getting them to rape each other. Later, he finds Ed again, this time having been turned into a literally mindless fuckpuppet by Emely, so, in one of the rare moments he actually feels sympathy for anyone, he helps Ed recover enough of his sanity so he can teach that bitch not to fuck with him again.

Eric - Stupid arrogant fuck who obviously is unsuited to shitting in a toilet, much less sitting on a throne. Of course, after Vince fucks his mother half retarded and engineers his political downfall, he winds up fucking some bitch in a dank cell till he dies of old age while Matilda's little brother does her other end.

Sarah - Eric's mother, who actually can run her country better than her son (which should say a lot about his manliness), and is horny after not getting any since her husband died. That said, after Vince slips her a roofie and fucks her from behind while giving a speech, she spirals further into being a whore until she winds up in a cell being gangbanged by horny losers.

Sana - Sarah's daughter who thinks Vince is a nice guy. Of course, Vince shows her how fucking stupid she is.

Emely - The closest thing Vince has to a female counterpart, who reveals she bullshitted an entire country into thinking she could predict their victory over their rival for shits and giggles.

Of course, she winds up being just another uppity bitch, but after duping her into helping him with his goals of conquest and duping her into increasing his eyefuck powers to absurd levels, he then backstabs her, robs her of her powers, then throws her in a dungeon to spend the rest of her life as a cum receptacle.

TV Tropes Conquering The Queen Main Article

A very blunt and honest H Game, Conquering the Queen is the story of wandering mercenary Vincent Conquer, Vince to his friends, an incredibly skilled swordsman whose only goal in life is to use his strength and wits to win power and glory for himself. Fortunately for Vince, he also possesses the second key ingredient for success: being in the right place at the right time. The land he is traveling through plays host to two warring nations, Eclipse and Katusha and he sees an opportunity to sell his services to the heavily outmatched Katushan army. While trying to figure out how to accomplish this, he overhears an attack in progress and moves to investigate.

Coincidentally, the unfortunate victim is Princess Roxana Katusha, Sana to her friends, and Vince proceeds to cut down the attacking bandits and save her from a terrible fate. While escorting her back to her home, Vince begins plotting to achieve his dreams and make the young and innocent princess his own, all in one fell swoop.

Troper General's Warning: The vast majority of erotic content in this game consists of scenes depicting rape. If this makes you uncomfortable, we recommend that you avoid reading this visual novel.

!Conquering the Queen contains examples of:

  • Bread And Circuses: In endings where Vince usurps the throne of Katusha, he keeps the nobles in line with orgies. Yeah.
  • Blond Guys Are Evil
  • Celibate Hero: Sarah vowed never to remarry or even consider seeing other men when the old King died.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Vince on the Dark route, although at least one case is a rather sensible version of Genre Savvy.
  • Easily Forgiven: Despite being raped several times in the story, Remmy never seems to resent Vince in the way that other characters do. Possibly due to Rape Is Love.
  • The High Queen: Sarah's about as straight as an example as this gets, except her son, Eric (who learned nothing from his mother's example, apparently) is the actual ruler - Sarah often has to step in to save his bacon and tell him to man up.
  • H Game POV Character: Vince starts off at V (Asshole) but jumps to VI (Complete Monster) if playing the Dark route.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: In one of the endings, Sarah offers her body to Vince in exchange for saving Katusha from her son, justifying breaking her vow of chastity by claiming it is for the good of the nation. Vince doesn't buy it and inwardly speculates that she is sexually frustrated.
  • Hoist By His Own Petard: Emely is hoist by hers. In almost all cases, her dependence on magic and her love of manipulation proves to be her undoing.
  • Hypnotic Eyes: Vince's evil eye works this way, robbing the target of their strength and will to resist. Later on, in the Dark route, it gets upgraded to the point where he can exert more control on his targets and affect many at once.
  • I Call Him Mister Happy: In the interest of giving this entry a modicum of respectability, we shall refrain from subjecting readers to Vince's habit of calling it various combinations of meat and medieval weaponry.
  • If Its You Its Okay: Vince, for Sana. For Matilda, it's Remmy or Ed. Okay it was a humiliation attempt by Vince but still.]
  • Informed Ability: In the case of the Eclipse girls. Rachel is one of Eclipse's premiere mages. Alfia is a highly capable and intelligent strategist. Neither of them really get to show their stuff.
  • Iron Lady: Matilda.
  • Nonindicative Name: Although it's called Conquering the Queen, Sarah remains a secondary goal at best since Vince's main target is Sana. The translated title was a significant change from the initial working title, The Queen and Princess as Your Rewards, and the original Japanese title, Mashou no Nie or The Demonic General's Offering.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: One of the few reasons why Vince stays out of Type VI territory for awhile is because, though he is a serial rapist in personality, power is something he craves more, and he's wise enough to suppress his carnal desire to achieve his goals if need be. He also manages to give those who know who he really is a villainous Bunny Ears Lawyer impression: Even if he is a total bastard, he so good at what he does they can't afford to turn on him.
  • Princess Classic: Sana.
  • Rape Is The Best Solution: Pretty much every problem Vince has, he solves by raping somebody. Need to assert power over an uncooperative female? Rape. Need to motivate soldiers for a dangerous mission? Have them rape somebody. Need to interrogate a female enemy soldier? get the idea.
  • Royal Brat: King Eric.
  • Sinister Minister: Emely serves in this role, using her magic to manipulate the highly religious populace of Eclipse and set herself up as an oracle.
  • Smug Snake: Vince often describes himself wearing a shit-eating grin as his enemies rage at him impotently.
    • He averts the "overconfidence" aspect of the trope, however - Vince may be an arrogant asshole, but he's a successful arrogant asshole.
  • Stupid Good: Any character that could be described as good or even neutral is oblivious to Vince's plans or incapable of acting against him.
  • The Dragon: Vince gets one who used to be Matilda's subordinate before he was drummed out of the army.
  • The Uriah Gambit: Done to Matilda's brother Ed, and Vince does not even try to hide it - because he is trying to provoke her into doing something she will regret.
  • Vetinari Job Security: Although he does not ask for much, Vince gets commissioned as an officer and ultimately makes himself so indispensable to Katusha's war strategy that he can't be easily removed, for fear that he will defect to Eclipse along with all of their secrets.
  • Villain With Good Publicity: Vince is well aware of this trope and always tries to make sure to invoke it whenever possible.
  • Villain Protagonist: Vince.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Roxana thinks of Vince as a Prince Charming and seems to think she's engaged in some sort of Courtly Love with him. While some endings are more or less cruel to her (the Dark route being particularly harsh), if you've read all the entries before this you can probably guess she's very, very wrong no matter what ending.

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