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I came from the future to document what humans once called "The Internet". I was forced to work on the assignment named "TV Tropes". These are my reports to the future.


—Plainwalker Gwynn

A YouTube series in the style of The Flash Tub's The Best Of Weekend Web series, with TVTropes' Troper Tales pages as its subject manner. The videos consist of the best of the worst ever to come out from the Troper Tales pages, read out loud in dramatic style by various volunteers.

The first 50 episodes were framed against a Bad Future setting caused by TV Tropes in which Plainwalker Gwynn, an apparently non-human entity, was assigned to document the history of the human race... through TV Tropes.

Plainwalker Gwynn found the assignment to be too much and committed suicide, prompting the introduction of Plainwalker Ellis to continue where she left off. However, he soon succumbed to the same fate. Following that Plainwalker Kirstie attempted to finish her predecessors' work, but fell into a deep depression and chose to "join" her fallen comrades. The last host was Plainwalker Reilly, the last plainwalker in existence. Upon successful completion of his predecessors' work, he too killed himself.

The remaining reports are being processed for archival purposes. The next few have taken to mocking the fora and articles themselves, along with Locked Pages that were Troper Tales. May God help us all.

The Videos can be found YouTube Favicon.png here.

Keep in mind: This series is a satire. Though it may direct some of its episodes towards posts for certain users, it's all for laughs. So just watch and have fun with it! After all, you've got to laugh at yourself every once in a while.

Features these tropes

  • Accentuate The Negative: While not every single Troper Tales featured in the series can be rightfully called trashy, the series generally picks up on the worst of the worst entries ever to have been recorded. Occasionally, TT entries mocking the other Troper Tales or sarcastic entries will be read aloud as well. Whatever it is, the comments obviously apply as well.
    • The creators believe everything but trope and work pages should be deleted (and honestly, after some of the stuff they've seen in Troper Tales, who can blame them?). They believe "There Is No Such Thing As Notability" allows for all kinds of unacceptable things to creep in without being noticed, especially obscure webcomics. They also think that classic literature and films and such should be given more attention than anime and Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • A Day In The Limelight: HaggisMcCrablice Episode 5, Carthestian Episode 6, and SpiriTsunami Episode 7 feature a single notorious troper each. Ol' Haggis got another one which says a lot about him, doesn't it?
  • Bread Eggs Milk Squick: The opening to Episode 19: MomentOfAwesome.
    • "This Troper's family tends to be filled with Moments of Awesome, such as her grandmother's eightieth birthday party (held at a ski resort). or her other grandmother's solo escape from the Holocaust that killed her parents and thirteen siblings."
  • BreakTheCutie: In contrast to the cynicism of the first two hosts, Plainwalker Kirstie started her run rather optimistically. It was shattered by episode 37, "Asexuality".
  • CliffHanger: There was a cliffhanger in episode 12, "Fetish Fuel Vol. 2" when "Fetish Fuel Vol. 3" was put into question. They decided to drop the Fetish Fuel series shortly after it was split into a separate wiki.
  • ColbertBump - Busy Street gave them one, as they and this series hate tropers.
    • As did ChipCheezum. Vivitheg also gave them one in its infancy.
  • Crapsack World: The creator speculates that this is what the world was like in Episode 4, Loners are Freaks.
  • Deadpan Snarker - Ellis's comments.
    • (In response to a channel commenter who called TVTropes a productive waste) Congrats, it's still a waste!
  • Deconstructive Parody: Of TVTropes as a whole, but mainly just Troper Tales and Sex Tropes.
  • Door Stopper: According to Episode 15, a selection of all the tropes from Avatar The Last Airbender, the Wild Mass Guessing page and the "Headscratchers" page proved to be 2.3 times longer than Lord Of The Flies.
  • Dramatic Reading
  • Creator Breakdown: You can hear it in Episode 16, Raging Stiffie.
  • Driven To Suicide:
  • Humans Are Ugly: Potty Failure Episode 11 is especially this.
  • Internet Tough Guy: Made Of Meat and the infamous "33 Pencil Kid".
  • Last Of His Kind: Plainwalker Reilly, the final host.
  • Mockumentary: The uploader comments certainly serve this purpose.
  • Narm: A favourite target of the series. The Badass Creed page is probably the worst.
  • Nietzsche Wannabe: They crop up frequently in the series, mostly being mocked for trying too hard to appear edgy or badass. As one commenter put it, "Nerds who consider themselves cold, emotionless badasses are the worst kind of nerds."
  • Pilot: Episode 1, Panty Shot, was created as a test to see if people liked it.
  • Running Gag: Between the title screen and the actual episode, there are usually quick quotes that appear.
  • Season Fauxnale: Episode 50, following Plainwalker Reily's suicide, the credits thanks the people who watched the show, the people who provided the voices and the people who read through the pages. Then it adds thanks to those who continue the series.
  • Screw This I'm Outta Here: At one point, once of the readers suddenly yells "Fuck, I can't do this anymore" in the middle of the dramatic reading of Tsundere.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Sonic the Hedgehog Part 1 Episode 9 and Sonic the Hedgehog Part 2 Episode 10 have many people use this trope.
  • Take That: The whole thing to the...stranger members of TvTropes, along with the rest of the site in general. Though it should be noted that most Tropers who watch the series seem to enjoy it.
  • The Teaser: The creator started using it beginning with Avatar: The Last Airbender Episode 15.
  • Trilogy Creep: Was supposed to end at fifty. Then seventy. Then Goggs considers it to be going to 100 and swears he'll end it there.
  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life: It certainly caused the end of at least two lives. Fittingly, the topic of episode 50.
  • Unreadably Fast Text: A quote related to a featured trope was displayed for a split second near the beginning of the episode, mostly in the episodes before Episode 50.
  • Very Special Episode:
  • Word Of God - claims that this isn't a Something Awful thing and the only one associated with such is ShinyMarshtomp and various other volunteers and that it's occasionally organized via said board.

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