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This page is an ED revived version of the "So Bad Its Horrible Fanfic Pages executed by Fast Eddie around the time of the April 2012 Pedocide.

Below are links to subpages detail some of the worst literary drivel on the whole fucking planet.

NOTE: We've tried to fix these pages to look halfway readable, but thanks to the jacked up HTML code, we can't guarantee the pages will look right, and not all stories have links to where to find them. Anyone who can fix formatting, add links, or otherwise make this shit more legible is invited to work on the below pages if they have the time.

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TV Tropes related drama

During the Great Pedocide of April 2012, the fanfiction pages were cut because FE arbitrarily decided, despite the fact he secluded them to a filthy ghetto, the So Bad It's Horrible Fanfiction pages were serving as backhanded recommendations for shitty stories, so he had them nuked.

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[...and then there was a gay orgy.It was a dark and stormy night...]

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