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The Lightning Warrior Raidy series is basically what happens when weeaboo guys tired of ugly as fuck lesbians IRL decide to combine their lust for animated big titted bitches and lesbians into a clone of some 90's dungeon crawler RPG.

The result is a series (two games so far) that revolves around some big breasted closet lesbian who can fire lightning bolts out of her ass who rapes a bunch of animu chicks in monster costumes, gets raped by the same, and when that gets boring she gets raped by a few token guys and a tentacle monster or two, and when that's over she saves the world like every other protagonist of a paint by numbers RPG.

Note: The original weeaboo title literally translates to: Ikazuchi No Raidi, which means Thunder Warrior Raidy. Both games produced are also remakes of games made for the ancient as fuck PC-98 computer


The first game is simple enough: Climb a tower, fuck several bosses into shoving candles up their asses, whips, dildos and lots of other fetishy shit, then kill the big assed tentacle monster at the top of the tower who somehow coerced all the other lesbians into helping him despite the fact his fat ass never leaves the top floor.

The second game is a little more complex: Raidy travels to a desert town, blows a complete asshole, beats up a gang lead by a big breasted lesbian dominatrix and her strapon and whip loving fuck buddies, finds out an even bigger breasted monster girl and her monster girl groupies are helping some creepy priest do some occult shit, travels to the cave they are hanging out at, gets raped several times, loses her equipment, then gets most of it back after getting off on being whipped/given multiple enemas/prolonged candle torture.

After that's over, she fucks herself with a sword, beats up the bitch who raped her (who reveals her ultimate goal is to RAPE FUCKING EVERYTHING), goes to the hideout of the creepy priest (who also got a turn to rape her), beats up a clone of herself and an angel with a dick, then fries the creepy priest with a fuckton of lightning.

The game ends with Raidy walking off towards her next adventure, which, given the development of the third game is taking forever, will probably come out around the time Chris-chan acknowledges his severe need to do something lulzy with his life.


Raidy - Lesbian redhead who you play as. Spends most of her time playing hero, which apparently involves raping evil bitches in slutty medieval costumes and bondage gear. Has a few encounters with guys she fucking hates and gets off on raping/being raped by women but swears she not a lesbian.

Gets the ultimate sword Sexcalibur, which she powers up by using it as a dildo (no, srsly)

Despite what the official website says about her, she doesn't really give a shit why she got her lightning powers, and when she finds out some spirit gave them to her so she could be a hero, she tells the spirit its full of shit.

FonFon - Werewolf girl who likes whipping women. Raidy comes to enjoy being her receiver.

Sorceress - Has no actual name (is called Erouge in a semi-official doujinshi), all we know is that she like using her magical staff and a portable tentacle monster to sodomize Raidy's ass and twat.

Tiss - Demon chick who likes candle torture and went topless in the shittier PC-98 version.

Foless - Darkie elf girl who likes giving her rape victims enemas. Looks like a flatchested loli despite originally having tits in the PC-98 version.

Knight Errant - Big assed suit of armor that hides some girl who gets off on saw horse torture.

Cubust - Lazy as fuck tentacle monster who is the end game boss of the first game who turns Raidy into his BDSM slave if she loses to him in the first game.

Lesti - Runs a bar in the second game, doubles as the town bicycle.

Setia - Pink haired lesbian who runs the inn and rapes Raidy for the lulz. Also enjoys getting raeped by Rose.

Clay - Armory owner in the second game who gets off on shoving weapon hilts up her twat.

Rose - Item store owner in bondage gear who dildo rapes and spanks Raidy and Setia for the lulz.

Junk - Arrogant guy in the second game who Raidy unwillingly gives a blowjob to so she could get a key and didn't kill him because of some shitty morality code of not hurting humans.

Suida - Torture specialist who likes bondage torture who gets a titty twister from Raidy.

Shura - Green haired muscle lesbian who likes strapon fucking women and later becomes some weeaboo lesbian's fucktoy.

Jammy - Ridiculously big titted bandit gang leader who is basically Suida, Electric Boogaloo.

Camille - Lesbo vampire that wears a trollface as her default expression who was stupid enough to leave a cross shaped sword lying around so Raidy could show up and raep her.

Shizuka - The aforementioned weeaboo lesbian who makes Shura her bitch.

Replicant - An evil clone of Raidy who the original gets pissed at for making her look like a rapist.

Mariel - Angel girl with a cock who fucks Raidy in the ass.

Gaav - Typical JRPG evil priest ripoff who plans to fuck up the world by turning into Goatse.

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