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Monster Girl Quest is basically what happens when furfags, weeaboos, and sick fucks decide to make a video game.

The plot goes something like this: There was a goddess named Ilias who created everything, including humans and monster girls. She quickly grew to hate the latter because they fucked more shota than she ever did, so after failing to get some eunuchs to kill the only pussy in the world worth fucking, she instead decided to enforce her own version of monster girl SOPA that goes like this:

1. Monster Girls are the fucking enemy, and they should be killed, preferably by being clubbed to death with a b&stick

2. All males must bathe in magical springs that repel monster women so monster girls won't fuck them, and thus die via indirect genocide.

Of course, this is utter fail, hence your goal is to troll her plans into oblivion.

Note: The original wapanese title literally translates to: Lose And The Monster Girls Rape You


The story of being reverse-molested by sexy inhuman vixens!

Sweet monster girls seduce and pleasure you! Lose and you will be raped!

You are the hero, a young boy. Battle sexually with diverse characters in a world of humans and creatures. All the creatures are sexy girls of some species or another! Find them all! It’s an epic quest. Will your dirty dreams come true?


The actual synopsis for the game

Part 1 - The hero is some shota named Luka, a fucking dumbass who worships Ilias but doesn't want to kill monsters girls, who after deciding to masturbate over the body of an unconscious snake woman's tits and missing his chance to be a hero, decides to be a fake hero. The snake chick (called Alice) tags along with him so she can eat everything, including Luka's dick.

Along the way to the monster lord, Luka gets a sword made of melted angels from Alice, fights some lolis, gets his ass handed to him by a dragon girl who is lusted after by a blowjob machine with tits, gets stalked by a fucked up abomination called Amira, fights a retarded squid while being unconscious, learns how to protect his pencil dick by getting a wind spirit to blow him and learns how to stay hard via a loli in a raincoat.

Part 2- Luka continues his journey to the monster lord, gets assraped by mutant flies, learns how to set his dick on fire and some useless water spells that don't do shit, finds out Ilias was evil all along and tells her to fuck off after a BDSM session with Alice.

Part 3- Ilias gets butthurt and orders a bunch of angels and chimeras fuck everything up. Meanwhile, Ilias's subordinate, Promestein, and the former Monster Lord, Black Alice, plan on fucking her over. Luka and a now cursed (to be a loli) Alice try to stop the invasion of rapist angels/chimeras, but take a break so Luka can fuck loli Alice (who becomes an adult again later). They eventually manage to fuck up the invading forces and unite the humans and monsters of the world against Ilias. Luka then storms the heavens, only to find that Ilias had gotten eaten by Black Alice, who became a fugly mass of tentacles through one of Promestein's science experiments. After Luka kills Black Alice and Promestein, Ilias reveals that she planned to be eaten all along so she could become some uber gestalt monster-angel fusion and tries to kill you.

The Four Heavenly Knights plus a fallen angel (your aunt) show up to help out and tell Ilias No U and then Alice and Luka finish Ilias off in the most cliche manner possible.

During the ending Luka gets gang raped by pretty much everything, Alice gets pissed off by rumors that she and Luka are married, both of which turn out to be a massive troll by Tamamo done mostly for the lulz, and when they actually do decide to get married, Alice nearly fucks Luka until he's a withered corpse. The final scene shows them walking around the world, with Luka trying to avoid more rape, and Alice still wanting to eat everything on the planet.

You'll notice that this story is bullshit that only exists to justify porn, and is mediocre at best. However faggots all over the internet like to claim that the plot is actually good, because they're in denial about being a sick fuck and feel the need to treat it like art.


Main Characters

Alice herself, presumably happy from eating Luka's cock.
The Goddess Ilias, with Luka's cock right where she wants it.

Luka - Shota who is originally a Iliasfag, but comes to hate her moralfag ass (unless you side with her at the end of Part 2) and decides the snake girl with the big tits isn't as made of fail. Is the son of a human and fallen angel who can kick ass while he's asleep, buts gets the shit raped out of him by every monster girl while awake. Somehow the game insists he's still a virgin until he fucks Alice towards the end of Part 2. Turns into Lukafer in Part 3 and beats the shit out of Ilias, but unlike the previous hero, Heinrich (who an heroed himself), he gets to live to be raped for the rest of his life.

Alice - Short for, Alipheese Fateburn 16th. Her goal is to eat fucking everything, including Luka's cock. She's really the Monster Lord (i.e. - Ilias' most reviled troll), but Luka doesn't figure that shit out until she outright tells him.

Whenever she's not being a fatty and blowing up cooking pots, she teaches Luka how to be slightly less of a shota rape magnet when she isn't giving him oral.

Luka eventually fights Alice in part 2, and afterwards either sides with her and tells Ilias to go fuck herself or kills her, whereupon Ilias rapes him for eternity. If Luka loses the fight Alice traps both of them in her room and rapes him for the rest of eternity.

In Part 3, Alice turns into a loli, pedophile scalies masturbate furiously, and then turns back into an adult to their immense butthurt. Has to kill her own zombie mother and helps Luka finish off Ilias for good. Ends up having Luka's kids and still being a compulsive fatass.

Ilias - The bitch who made angels and humans and wants to eliminate all the monster girls because they sex up more shota than she does. Hence, she puts the banhammer on fucking monster girls and plans to kill them all.

Ironically, she counts as a monster in game, which even the fucking game manual trolls her over.

In part 3 she literally fuses with Goatse and becomes Tubgirl in an attempt to gain ultimate power, but she gets her ass kicked and we find out the only reason she kept pulling the Goddess routine was because she was terrified of dying alone. Saves Luka from turning into a wrinkled prune in a half-assed attempt at redeeming herself before dying.

Promestein - Fallen angel that likes doing crazy shit with science, including to herself, because she's a female stand in for Prometheus (the Titan Of Greek mythology that pissed the gods off royally for giving humans the gift of fire) and Einstein. She schemes with Black Alice to secretly screw over Ilias because she's pissed that everything Ilias ever said was the longest running troll ever attempted on every sentient being.

Black Alice - Former Monster Lord that is an obvious Alice In Wonderland reference. Has the mind of a psychotic, retarded loli. Was revived by Ilias to work for her, but planned on screwing her over since day one. Turns into Goatse after eating Ilias, but gets killed by Luka, which Ilias had planned all along.

The Four Heavenly Knights

The four subordinates of Alice. From the left, clockwise: Granberia, Alma, Erubetie, and Tamano

Granberia- Dragon girl who likes to fight a lot and one of the few monster girls with something on her mind aside from humping shota cock. Is lusted after by a princess named Sara, who she saved from raep. Really like lesbian sex with Alma Elma but refuses to admit it.

Tamamo- A nine tailed fox girl who's life goal is to eat all of the world's fried tofu and who taught Alice how to be a troll. Helps you ruin the Orochi's shit and then later ruins yours. Her real form looks much less loli than her current one, and she turns out to be one of the oldest beings in existence. The ending is one long troll by her at Luka and Alice's expense.

Alma Elma- Big titted succubus who wrecks a bunch of ships for shits and giggles and lets Luka win fights with her because she's lazy and prefers to have shota cock in her twat as opposed to actually doing her job. Turns out she's actually more badass than her whorish attitude would lead you to believe, but that's because she prefers to fuck people stupid instead of murdering them.

Erubetie - Slime woman who hates humans (even though she gets her jollies fucking them) because they turned her habitat into Goatse. Winds up finally smiling at the end of the game when she splits into multiple goo girls to gang rape Luka, which cause the goo girl fans to declare her the hottest monster in the game.

The Four Elemental Spirits

The four emo lolis who raep and aid our shota hero. From the left: Slyph, Gnome, Undine, and Salamander

Sylph- A winged loli who gets the shit beaten out of her by the other spirits and can't fight worth shit. Is dumb as fuck and her only use is teaching Luka how to blow away enemies before they can suck him off.

Gnome- Emo loli in a raincoat who teaches Luka how to keep his dick stiff so he can beat his enemies to death with it.

Undine- Even more emo loli made of water who starts out useless and mostly gives shitty upgrades to attacks he had since Part 1.

Salamander- Loli on fire who taught Granberia how to kick ass, but is now more weak than most internet tough guys. Teaches Luka how to boost his power over nine thousand.

Other Characters

Amira the Unfortunate Lamia- Fugly snake head with woman legs who claims to be Luka's lover and bullshits every other sentence. Hands out a few tips, but mostly exists to troll hentaifags who want every monster girl to wave their airbrushed tits in their face.

Sara- Princess of a country whose founder fucked a Sphinx. Her father throws Luka at her yelling "RAPE HIM!" at one point, and Sara obliges by blowing Luka's dick. However, she really wants to eat out Granberia's scaly pussy.

TV Tropes related drama

During the Great Pedocide of April 2012, the page on this game was cut, which those who liked the plot and were pissed Fast Eddie and his goons sanitized the shit out of all references to the game and replacing some with a shitty redirect to a much less lulzy ecchi manga.

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