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The Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo series by some weeaboo called Fuguriya who is apparently convinced animu girls are perfect when they are muttering ear bleedingly cutesy shit into each other's ears, then immediately scissoring until their cunts are raw while the ronery yurifags fap away..

This series is known for having a fuckton of drama CDs, web novels, and its own anime, despite the fact every game covers the same goddamned themes with minor changes and the plots are fucking predictable.


Despite a few minor, superficial variants, the plot of the games is the same.

1. Girl A meets Girl B, and either Girl A or Girl B goes googly eyed and wants to fuck the other girl.

2. After some crappy padding, the game throws the story out the window so the player can fap to some of the worst excuses for lesbian porn EVAR.

3. ?????

4. PROFIT!!!!!

That said, it must be admitted the setup of each game is different, but the above is basically the plot of every single game.

As for the setting, it's a Catholic school in Japan (because all Japanese Catholics are lesbians, amirite?) called St. Michael's, and unlike how most Catholic schools promote the buggery of altar boys, this school would be better renamed St. Sappho of the Dripping Cunt.


Nanami (left) and Yuuna (right)
Kaede (right) and Sara (left)
Reo (left) and Mai (right)
Runa (left) and Takako (right)
Eris (left) and Shizuku (right)

NOTE: One girl is usually the dominative one and one just lies there to get raped like an obedient whore, and will be marked (Domme) or (Sub) as appropriate, which difference between multiple games noted.

Nanami Oda (Sub) - Main character in first and sixth game. Watches Yunna fapping one day so they have sex. She's also a clumsy faggot who got on the student council because Yuuna wanted to keep her lesbian fuckbuddy close, and Yuuna drinks her piss in the first game.

Yuuna Matsubara (Domme) - Main character in first and sixth game. Blonde bimbo with fucking weird hobbies who drinks Nanami's piss in the first game, shows up in the other games mostly to lesfist the other lesbian rapists over their conquests.

Kaede Kitajima (Sub) - Main character in second and fourth game. Big titted glasses wearing shy girl who is the lesbian fuckbuddy of her cousin. Confirmed by the creators to have the biggest tits in the series.

Sara Kitajima (Domme) - Main character in second and fourth game. Lesbian Madonna wannabe who is obsessed with fisting her cousin's cunt. Is the most needy and possesive slut in the entire series.

Reo Kawamura (Sub) - Main character in third and fifth game. Loli who gets raped repeatedly by Mai, but despite bitching and BAAAAAWWING about it, she just lies on the ground like a dishrag while Mai humps her flatchested loli body.

Mai Sawaguchi (Domme) - Main character in third and fifth game. Rapes Reo repeatedly when she's not fucking around and being a Tsundere.

Runa Houraisen (Domme) - Main character in seventh and ninth game. Lesbian loli knockoff of Rin from Kodomo No Jikan who seduces a redheaded teacher almost twice her age and doesn't afraid of anything. Also happens to be one of the most bossy loli's in all of animu, until the ninth game where her older lesbian lover finally decides rape is game they can both play. Has an older sister who taught her how to be a slut and whom Takako (Runa's lover) had a crush on.

Takako Suminoe (Sub, in game seven, Domme in game nine) - Redheaded woman who gets seduced by a lesbian loli and spends the seventh game getting told her place while being forced to scissor Runa. Grows some balls in the ninth game and rapes the loli back, which only turns them both on.

Shizuku Kirishima (Sub) - Main character in eighth and tenth game. Classical Japanese girl stereotype who gets seduced by a lesbo Eurocunt sterotype called Eris. Spends most of her time trying to claim Eris doesn't make her cry.

Eris Shitogi (Domme) - Main character in eighth and tenth game. Blonde, big boobed half-Japanese eurocunt who flirts with everything that has tits but eventually settles for fucking Shizuku. Turns into a googly eyed weeaboo over Shizuka's boxed lunches and says she came to Japan to learn more about their culture.

Kaori Hanemura/Amane Yuuki, Koharu Uozumi/Makoto Toudou - Four lolis in a non porn spinoff game made for the girl fans who wanted a work safe game in the same universe.

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