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The Sagara Family is really simple.

You're a college kid who, due to the fact housing prices are fucking insane in Japan, moves in with a friend of the family (whose a MILF with four daughters) since his cheap ass can't pay for a dorm.

Not long after moving in, he gets punched in the face by a bitch, fucks a MILF, and from there on the whole game consists of clicking shit until you wind up with your fuckpuppet of choice.

Then, after that's over, some bonus scenes where you get to fuck them all are accessible.

tl;dr: Turn your brain off, click with one hand, fap with the other one , faggot.


Yusuke - Your player character. Aside from beating the shit out of some old pervert who blackmails women into fucking him then posts the results on /b/, not to mention fucking a MILF and her daughters, nothing special about him.

But, then again, he's probably gotten a lot more pussy than most of the ronery people who played the game.

Maria - Yusuke's landlord. Get's drunk one night, put the moves on him, they fuck.

After that, helps you on your quest to pop her daughter's cherries, and in some endings you can decide fucking girls in your age group sucks and keep pounding Maria's twat till she dies and leaves your cougar loving ass very ronery.

Arisa - Maria's eldest daughter, stricken with a hereditary case of nymphomania.

Emiru - Maria's second eldest daughter. Acts like Rei Ayanami with a cosplay fetish because she saw her mom getting fucked by her dad while they were wearing gimp suits.

Sanae - The resident "Tsundere". When she's not trying to punch you in the fucking face, you face fuck her with your cock.

Ruruka - The resident she looks really young but she's not, honest girl, Maria's youngest.

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