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The X-Change series by Crowd is the result of some weeaboos deciding men turned into fuckable bitches was hawt, so three games were written in which some girly looking dumbshit named Takuya Aihara turns into an extremely rapeable girl, getting the shit beaten out of him by his eternally PMSed girlfriend, and generally getting fucked by everything.

Yes, even you.

The series is notable for having the rape bus show up at least once a game, since the Japanese think Americunts need a reminder their transit system is populated by sick fucks.


Despite a few minor, superficial variants, the plot of the three games is the same.

1. Some contrived bullshit happens and Takuya transforms from animu twink to animu whore.

2. Has lots and lots of sex thanks to his transformation having turned everything into a rapist.

3. ?????

4. PROFIT!!!!!

...but seriously, that basically is the plot, and the only real choices you can make is which rapist you can wind up being the bitch to in the ending.

Note: the "canon" ending has Takuya wind up with Asuka.


(left} Takuya as a girl (right) Takuya as a guy.
Asuka (right), pissed off at her dumbfuck genderbent boyfriend for the nine thousandth time.

Takuya - The wimpy rape magnet you play as. Is ball and chained to Asuka, a "tsundere" who vacillates between spreading her legs like a proper slut and being a bitch, and the canon endings have your dumbass avatar shack up with her. He's also a lazy fuck who wants to be taller.

Gets two mad scientist chicks and a faggoty wannabe twink as a recurring harem between all three games.

Asuka - Much like the whore of the same name from Evangelion, she's a bitch, albeit a bipolar one who swings from wanting to choke the shit out of you to moaning like a prostitute whenever you skewer her cunt with Tukuya's pencil dick.

On a more lulzy note, her driving skills were cribbed from playing Grand Theft Auto, and Takuya is terrified she'll wind up killing someone someday.

Natsumi - Takuya's horny stepsister who really likes him as a girl and considers him useless as a man. She spends every game (except the original version of the second game) turning him into a sex toy, and even though she's supposed to be getting married in the third game, she's still a bisexual slut, even raping one of Takuya's friends and making her a lesbian love puppet for shits and giggles.

It should also be noted many fans were pissed there was no ending that let you remain her lesbian sex toy, so in the spinoff series they included an incest ending so the inbred hillbillies would quit bitching about discrimination. And before that, to further appease the inbred hicks, the second game remake had Natsumi scenes (since she was absent in the original version) because they, like most weeaboos, get off to watching tranny on girl sister fucking.

Asami - The somewhat less fucked up mad scientist who originally turned Takuya into a girl. Spends most of her time in the first game being a submissive who won't fight having her twat fucked with a glass tube, and in one ending she'll turn Takuya into a tranny for science. Has a brief cameo in the second game, and shows up in the third as one of the people who can yet again cure Takuya of being a rape magnet.

Chisato - Crazy mad scientist bitch who debuts in the second game, rival to Asami, and, if you're partial to fucked up animu chicks who'd cut off your dick to stick it under a microscope for the lulz, you can wind up with her in the third game, you sick fuck.

Anyway, she's responsible from making Takuya grow tits in the second game, likes to do sadistic bullshit to fuck with Takuya's head at random intervals, and give long scientific explanations.

Kouji - Horny faggot Takuya fucks for no real reason in the first game while still a girl, which gives this loser a hard on for Takuya as a girl, so he spends the next two games trying to turn you into a girl so he can fuck you.

Amusingly, Kouji can be turned into a girl in the second and third game, and if that happens, he'll turn into Takuya's willing bitch. For bonus lulz, the second game even has an ending where both Takuya and Kouji are girls, and they decide to live happily ever after as rug munching post-op trannies.

Censorship and Rerelease Lulz

The third game was released as "uncensored", which caused fans of this faggotry much butthurt, mostly because the cut content consisted of a rape scene and some loli sex the fans wanted to masturbate over.

Eventually, a patch was released that restored most of the fappable material.

Also, to further troll the fans, remakes of the first two games with greatly polished graphics (actually, they just use the same artstyle as the third game) were made for the Japanese, but Crowd announced to the English fans they had no intention of releasing them in English.

Ying-Yang X-Change Alternative

A spinoff reboot of the series with same fucking idea, but now the "hero" is some internet tough guy named Kaoru who's short and looks like a girl, and, you guessed it, gets turned into one.

The plot is basically the same shit from the previous series, only now the rape magnet can fuck a tranny and you can get an ending to have hot lesbian sex with your cousin.

The sequel to this is actually unrelated and has you switch bodies so you can fuck old men with another girl's cunt.

A spinoff series features a teacher who gets turned into a girl, more predictable rape funtimes happen.

TV Tropes related drama

During the Great Pedocide of April 2012, the page on this game was cut as porn.

Gallery of Gender Bender Raep

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