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Moar info: TV Tropes.

Unlike sites where trolling has become semi-acceptable, TV Tropes is very fast to ban and censor people that might cause any real drama before their hard work can pay off. Instead, nearly all the real lulz come from unpopular administrative decisions... which is basically all of them.



Since the site got afflicted with severe USI in its early days about its so-called ability to create neologisms, it got bogged down with literally over 9000 trope pages with painfully obtuse, unfunny, and downright misleading names. The unofficial site policy was basically "first come, first serve" on trope names and everyone that thought the name sucked just had to deal with it. As a result, a flood of retards hoping to pass a name or phrase from their favorite fiction into the lexicon of analytical commentary rushed their half-written shit through as fast as possible and spammed the site with links to try and make it look more popular than it really is.

While opposition in the form of The Society for the Prevention of Overly Original Names (or SPOON) tried to head these retards off at the pass, the thought of fixing their mistakes on the top level didn't really take off until...


One of the very first renames was some trope named "Spikeification". If you took one look at that title and said "WTF is that?", then congratulations, you're not (too) retarded.

Being the very first major rename, the opposition this action got was legendary. Buffyfags poured in from every corner to whine about how those wanting the name changed are just hermits that have been living under a stone all their lives and missed out on some vital popular culture. Because surely, of all the shitty generic characters out there with an equally generic name like "Spike", everybody will surely think of the one from Buffy and immediately think of his sordid character arc. Most of the arguments were cemented around some belief in a completely imaginary bureaucratic process that, of course, completely favored whatever would result in leaving their precious trope name alone.

Further accusations of missing the point behind the original trope meaning were also thrown out. During one derailed YKTTW, Fast Eddie responded to those people by offering to allow them to make a separate page called "Spikeification" with what they think it's supposed to mean. Unsurprisingly, nobody took the offer.

Ultimately, since the average Troper isn't capable of a whole lot but getting their asses banned in futile edit wars with people they aren't aware are sysops, they took a page from the American GOP and declared that once they rise to power, they'll overturn this decision to show those pesky SPOON motherfuckers who's boss. However, since they lack such necessary things as penises, they'll just have to quietly smolder and passive-aggressively bring up their rage in other discussions.

Rape The Dog

A visual representation of this trope

Rape The Dog is a case study in how not to construct a trope. Passing through YKTTW without either much support for its name or any kind of concrete definition, it wasn't nuked in less than a day like it should have been because this was back when next to nobody on the site had the testicles to reverse anyone else's decisions no matter how shitty. Proposing to basically just be "Kick The Dog, but more evil", it quickly turned into a duplicate article before then degrading even further into a dumping ground for every single last evil action perpetrated by anyone, ever.

While furiously masturbating to how evil their favorite characters are, a meme formed from the bowels of the Wiki as Forum camp. Just like your favorite wiki, Tropers like to pipe links to relevant pages whenever they describe scenes. Since Rape The Dog was the natural choice for OMFG EVULZ!!!1 links, this quickly escalated to fucking huge walls of text wanking over every single mean thing a character has done in excessive hyperbole should their name so much as even be mentioned. It was about as charming as tubgirl.

Faced with a useless non-trope with nearly a thousand links, some attempts were made to turn it into something resembling a trope by tacking on a criteria of "the moment a character becomes completely irredeemable in the eyes of the audience"... only even a retarded chimp could recognize that's just as fucking pointless as "being really evil". Of course, nobody bothered to learn the new definition and so the meme kept being shat out everywhere to the detriment of everything it touches.

After reaching critical mass, it was decided to rename the already-tainted trope to something actually descriptive of the "trope". This predictably spiraled into a massive flame war and bawwwwwfest, with the memefags claiming that renaming the trope was "taking away from the character of the site"... even though "Rape The Dog" characterizes the site as puppy-fuckers and who the hell wants to be Poeticirony, anyway?

Unfortunately, it was absolutely pointless in the end. Since they kept Rape The Dog as a redirect, just like how Obama redirecting W's old profile to his also brought the miserable failure Googlebomb with it, Moral Event Horizon just simply replaced "Rape The Dog" as the excuse to write off-topic TL;DR recaps of every last evil thing a character has done each time they're name-dropped, rendering the whole thing moot. WTG, guys. WTG.

Character-Named Tropes

The most iconic hero of all-time.
"Your argument is weak because we are lazy as fuck": this is how their mods respond to every rename ever.

Pop quiz: what character archetype is "The Daisuke"? What? You don't know? Surely, you're aware that Digimon Adventure 02 is one of the most important pop-cultural traditions the world over and everybody knows the hopeless romantic plight of this character, right? RIGHT?!

Character named tropes are one of the cancers from the early days of the site back when everybody was rushing to force their favorite obscure anime into pop-culture icons by coming up with definitions for new terms nobody else ever reads but by accident. This usually manifested in the form of "Character Action" or "Character Noun" (e.g. Xanatos Gambit), but a lot of lazy cunts just simply ascribed some role or trait as simply "The Character" to the detriment of anybody that isn't also a drooling fanboy.

After some of the users dislodged their heads from their assholes and realized nobody outside their circlejerk gives a fuck about their idols, mass renames of character-named tropes started passing through the system to the tune of constant fandom flame wars and yet more accusations of "killing the personality of the site". Predictably, outside of the conflict-mongers, they were completely silent when it came to renaming a character-named trope from a fandom they don't care about.

One infamous rename was of a trope named "Jonas Quinn". For a long time, the trope was brought up on a monthly basis because who the fuck is Jonas Quinn and how are we supposed to figure out that it's a replacement character? As usual, the purists moved in to block any action because, again, tradition and personality and sucking the fun out of the site and blah blah blah blah blah... Fast Eddie got sick of this bullshit, so he renamed it himself and told everybody to STFU. While the usual cascade of butthurt over any change being made to the site predictably reared its head, since this was long after other precedent cases, it fizzled out pretty fast.

Nowadays, their mods have learned how to cockblock any traitors who challenge their sacrosanct trope names: by claiming that these bring inbound links (i.e. ad money). The only hope that any trope gets renamed is that the name pisses off Fast Eddie (The "You Fail X Forever" pseudo-tropes got renamed pretty fast, as Eddie can't bear to be reminded that he fails everything forever.) In stark contrast, users have begun dubbing this retardation Trope Namer Syndrome and use it as a reason to cut the cancer.


By leaving Nakama gloriously untouched, Fast Eddie in effect gives weeaboo retards leverage to push forth other abhorrent moonspeak trope names. Domo arigato, Edisu-san!

In a surprising moment of clarity, Fast Eddie decided something needed to be done about the obvious weeaboo infestation to the site. One of the results of this plague is a whole lot of tropes given Japanese names for no other reason but because some animu fangirl beat everybody to the punch. So a charge was spearheaded against this obvious bullshit and met with the usual resistance from persecuted white middle-class suburban teens with access to daddy's credit card and various Otaku shopping sites.

There is one exception, however: Nakama. "Nakama" is a One Piece-ism that some troper moron mistaken as "friends who are closer than family". Bringing up Nakama as something that needs a rename will summon a swarm of weeaboos with a severe persecution complex that will cock block all possible action through their shitposting, flame baiting, suicide threats, and other deliberate bad faith abuses of the system. They view it as their last bastion of Japan worship on a site that does not understand their plight of not being born as a small-dicked/breasted Asian living in an overcrowded island city with a culture that bullies the hell out of everyone that isn't a conformist.

Rather than banning their asses, the management basically decided to let them keep their precious article name despite the fact that it may just be the single biggest reminder of the site's obvious weeaboo slant. It also sets the precedent that if enough people are big enough assholes, just like that screaming and wailing kid at the supermarket, they'll be given their favorite toy. Great standard for behavior, huh?

The tide was turned in July 2011: a few tropers, resentful over Eddie's changing trope names without consultation or votes, proposed to rename Nakama out of spite -- he ruined our fun so we'll ruin some other peoples' fun too. As "One Piece" was by then long out of vogue, this time the motion got passed, and "Nakama" fell like the Berlin Wall. Granted, shitposts ran rampant during the proposal of new names (people pushing forth nonsense like "Framily", "Brohana", "Risk Re Ward" and "Coterie of Comradely Companions"), But at least no one made suicide threats, and the final trope title "True Companions" is unobjectionable.

The "I Am Not Making This Up" Purge

I Am Not Making This Up will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

If you thought the *chans were the only places to get into wars over shitty forced memes, you'd be wrong.

Like "Rape The Dog" before it, I Am Not Making This Up was a completely useless and unfunny pothole meme where the user would link it to large batches of supposedly unbelievable plot description as if it signifies some awesome brick shitting moment. Of course, since these are Tropers we're talking about, it quickly became a blight upon the internet and turned into a grating catch phrase that reveals the site for what it is: a whole lot of aspies trying way too fucking hard.

The meme didn't really turn completely cancerous until the less-retarded members started deleting the links on sight, inspiring the idiots to fight back the only way they knew how: spamming it even harder. This back and forth quickly spilled into lots of bitchy forum topics and got linked to over 2500 articles before Fast Eddie ran a pothole-sweeping program to try to kill the meme. This abortive attempt at fixing the problem didn't last very long as it only took a few hours for the pathetic basement dwellers to add several hundred more links.

After lots more stupid bickering, Janitor finally grew a pair and deleted all that shit without so much as a discussion. This immediately triggered an epic forum war where butthurt memefags complained about having their inaliable right to irritate the fuck out of everybody else oppressed by the man. The usual crying and flouncing dominated the forums for a few weeks and then fizzled out into a whole lot of passive-aggressive moaning and linking to "Not Making This Up Disclaimer" in some attempt to bring the meme back. And they wonder why their site doesn't get any respect.

The Negativity Purge and Mass Article Lockdown

Yeah, you're not going to be happy here. We're out of the bile business.


—Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie once went on record saying he never, ever, ever, ever wanted to install a page-locking mechanism. Ever. Oh, the irony...

In June 2010, Fast Eddie and his chosen cabal of moderators sat down and talked about how they believed that the amount of "negativity", "libel" and "slander" on some pages was getting overwhelming. They decided that they were too lazy/busy giving each other handjobs to continuously monitor the pages in question, and, instead of actually doing the reasonable thing and hiring some immigrants to do the job, Fast Eddie stepped in, stripped half of the pages' content, and locked them from further editing. This, of course, was a clear signal that being a super-positive ass-fairy in order to edit TV Tropes was no longer merely recommended, but outright enforced, and from there on out, all the users now had to pretend that they were all good friends who love every single little bit of media that various creato- sorry, Almighty Gods, had bestowed upon them. Predictably, there were those things and persons no one on the site would ever want to defend, even after drinking gallon after gallon of the Kool-Aid, so pages on infamously shitty creators such as Tim Buckley, Uwe Boll, and Chris-chan were standing around with harsh criticism written on them, looking so hilariously out of place with the new party line that it was really no big surprise when Fast Eddie eventually found out about them, and an even smaller one when he dealt with them in the usual manner.

Of course, nobody does anything that can be interpreted as even slightly positive for Chris-chan, the Internet's favorite whipping boy, without retribution, so the site drew the usual response to all White Knighting. While mature Chris trolling organizations like CWCki realized TV Tropes wasn't saying anything new, shrugged their shoulders, and said "LOL INTERNET" (they also have a mirror of the unmongled article, anyway), more obsessive Chris enthusiasts like Legi0n spearheaded a massive campaign to try and convince Fast Eddie to reverse the decision by the only way they knew: butthurt forum spamming, vandalism, and other things that only pissed off the site members even more. Outside of a lulzy white-washing of the Adolf Hitler page, their attempts at keeping the Chris-bashing were made of fail and all they managed to do was convince Fast Eddie to be even more hostile to everything lulz.

So with all the legi0naires spamming the site because there was now one less place to spread the truth about Chris-chan, Fast Eddie started responding to all the h8ers by cracking down on every single "trope" that could be used as a soapbox against the site. When people started rightfully adding Fast Eddie and other Tropers to Small Name Big Ego, he purged all the examples and locked the page. When they accused him of not being able to take any criticism by adding him to Protection From Editors, he purged all those examples, too. You can probably guess what he did when people accused him of censoring history on the Orwellian Editor page.

Along with all the fag-disabling, this also had the effect of blocking all the examples that aren't bitching about the site. While most of them were complaints unworthy of Encyclopedia Dramatica or even fandom_wank, a sizable number of lulz were lost in the process. Before he started responding to the most vocal complainers with the ban-paddle, he dropped this deuce of a quote to explain away every last action of his:

Sorry, but we are not about complaints... This is a fan site, dudes. It is about people liking stuff. Not the other thing.


—Fast Eddie, telling h8ers to STFU and GTFO

So with the realization that shutting people out is way faster and easier than proper, rational discussion, Fast Eddie turned to the page lock as the one-stop solution to every last little drama, evar. Edit war in a work page over trivial bullshit? Rather than just handing out warnings (although his ghetto software is piss-poor at PMs) and/or temporary bans to the involved parties, he'll permanently lock the page and ignore everybody as it stagnates because he's too lazy to act like a proper administrator.

So next time Fast Eddie clears out a page like The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, feel free to thank Legi0n for ruining the site forever.

Of course, Fast Eddie shows he's perfectly fine with a really harsh article on some furry's bad fanfic by helpfully moving it to its proper place. But rules were made to be broken by the people who made them, right?

PROTIP: One easy, guaranteed way to get lulz is to start up an edit war on a popular page. Fast Eddie will predictably lock it and get swamped with complaints that he'll just ignore. White Knighting a widely hated work gets the best results because while he'll eventually unlock a work that has fans, he'll keep the worst shit locked forever on a deceptively NPOV write-up. No matter what, make sure you sock puppet and proxy while you do this because he's now more than happy to perma-ban everybody that causes any drama whatsoever.

Jack Butler's Splinter Cell

Some time during the above drama (more specifically, on or before July 12th, 2010), some disgruntled ex-Troper by the name of Jack Butler decided he had enough of Fast Eddie's shit and created his own ripoff site here. True to its name, it's really just a glorified cuntpaste of the main site in MediaWiki format with only two truly active members, so there's little of note there.

Instead, the drama here comes from Jack Butler's reasoning for this mirror. His user profile states that after getting banned once for some stupid thing, Fast Eddie asked him to do something. Our lovable wiki dictator then banned him again for following instructions, but didn't revert his changes. The implication of this story is that Fast Eddie is willing to employ scapegoats to perform controversial changes so as to deflect the scorn of the aspie populace onto sacrificial lambs. After ED lulz archivists looked into this and found no leads, it was deemed a dead end and left alone. Luckily, Jack Butler showed up on the talk page to explain what happened:

What I did, at the behest of Fast Eddie, was create the Band of Brothers page on the TV Tropes site in an effort to undermine and "defang" the Nakama-psychos. Eddie's plan was to create the alternate page, then copy-paste the Nakama examples over to the new page, and then... eventually, turn the Nakama page into a redirect. Within 36 hours of my having created the page and begun the migration of examples... all at Eddie's behest, remember... a band of the Nakama freaks angrily contacted Eddie and complained. He immediately banned me, with a public statement that I had "overstepped my instructions". Which is horse shit. I followed my instructions implicitly. He just didn't want to put up with the Weeabo anger himself.


—JackFloridian 01:18, 21 February 2011 (UTC)

Of course, this tale is flawed in the assumption that Fast Eddie gives a shit about what his underlings think of him (which the rest of this article should dispel really fast). Another flaw is that while a page does exist for the trope "Band Of Brothers", Nakama was never fully unseated from its position as the site's proud weeaboo declaration. Unfortunately, since Fast Eddie has long since purged the old history pages of a lot of tropes (including both Nakama and Band Of Brothers), this has to be taken entirely on Jack's word alone.

You know what probably happened? Either Jack Butler or Fast Eddie misinterpreted the other and the latter went a bit overboard in his retribution (as always). No conspiracy here, move along.

The Google Ads Saga

On October 27th, 2010, Google noticed the sheer oversaturation of sick fucks on the site and pulled their advertising. Since the site costs thousands of dollars a month and they only had enough money for one more month, there was a very real possibility the site might have died. The bureaucrats started working overtime to censor fucking everything and the BAWWWWW levels eclipsed even the Sonichu drama.

Sadly, it was not to last. After creating an Iron Curtain around the most blatant "mature content" and finding a less discriminating advertising company for those pages, Google gave them back their ads on November 9th. Many lulz were killed in the process.

You can still help, though! Since the whole site is full of content unsuitable for any decent human being, be sure to report every single page on the wiki as "mature content" (the button named "report this article" in the upper left corner). Start with this page and work your way down the list.

The "It Just Bugs Me!" Forum Purge

In the post-festive spirit of 2010, Fast Eddie decided to troll the site's users by announcing the deletion of the "It Just Bugs Me!" forum, the favorite whining place of socially awkward aspies:

A lot of problems come out of IJBM. Easily half the moderation work. The ugly half, at that. All the mods have talked it over a bit and are in agreement that it is the cause of trouble, not the victim of it.

The premise is the problem. Asking for bitching gets you bitchiness.

So here is what we're going to do. Shut it down for real. Shutdown date is Friday, 7 January.



—Fast Eddie doing what he does best

Predictably, the forum descended into a civil war of nerd rage and intolerable whining, divided between pro and anti IJBM factions, with many vowing to flee the forum immediately. A few unimportant ones were banned for rebelling against the mods and being a general retard. The forum rules now threaten site-wide permabans for people bringing up the logical conclusion that with no more ghetto of complaining, all the old users just migrated over to Yack Fest:

And any attempts to get Yack Fest deleted because IJBM was, will be met with a Google bounce.


—Nope, not extreme at all

Fetish Fuel and Troper Tales Deletion/Deportation

On February 1st, 2011, Fast Eddie started up a topic in Wiki Talk to discuss a final solution to the infestations that are Troper Tales and Fetish Fuel. Like many other bad decisions catching up to bite him in the ass, the malignant tumors have grown to such a size and perversion that the first thing people think when the name "TV Tropes" is mentioned is "that sick fuck site which, unlike Encyclopedia Dramatica, isn't joking".

There is a lot wrong with some, or maybe many, or maybe all of the troper tales pages.

Just axing the whole thing is tempting, but there are a goodly number of them that are fun, rather than a hassle. I Call It Vera, for example, works without being creepy and has some fun entries. The TT pages seem to be useful for RP stories, for another example.

There have been calls to spin the TT namespace off into an utterly independent site with no TV Tropes identifying marks. There have been calls to curtail groups of pages (like Fetish Fuel) from any TT pages.

Troper Tales has always served as a "honey-pot", something to attract a nuisance away from the good stuff, and some folks have expressed a fear that without it, the bad old days of "This Troper" in the main articles could creep back.

What, if anything, should we be doing about Troper Tales?



—Fast Eddie

As usual, butthurt, hyperbole, "THE SITE IS RUINED FOREVER!!!!!!!", etc. ensued until some brave people offered to maintain a full new wiki just to keep their perversions somewhere on the internets. Unfortunately, their choice of Wikia as their provider is going to bite them in the ass really, really hard once the really creepy fucks fully migrate over. You should probably see if you can get some Vegas odds on how long it will take before the site either gets deleted or somebody gets v&.

Considering the topic at hands, things might get steamy. That said, this is not a porn site. Use your judgement when editing this wiki. We don't want to be kicked out of wikia!


—Original guideline number 3

Troper Tales also got a similar deportation on August 12th, 2011, but nearly everybody with any say on the forums loathed that section, so it went without a fight. While nothing of value was lost, it won't be long before people once again flood the Real Life sections of tropes with boring personal anecdotes.

Cybersex in my TV Tropes?

Foxy Mod approves of Lust Game

It's been there longer than you think!

TV Tropes maintains there is only one sex thread in the forum, but even a casual visitor has no trouble finding loads of them, always pushed to the first pages of their respective subforums for your browsing pleasure. The mother of all sex threads was the Forum Lust Game, where tropers pretended to be furry dragons who rammed their virtual spiked dongs into elvish succubi which squirt milk as they orgasm. The Forum Lust Game has stood resplendent for nearly three years, culminating almost 47000 posts and growing by 300 daily. A simple click on the "last page" button would have shown how gut-wrenching depraved the thing was -- yet the mods simply let it be, enraptured in their own cybersex in a super secret forum only Fast Eddie and they could read.

In June 2011, Lust Game was innocently brought up in a discussion about porn -- and even then a mod maintained it was okay. Not until tropers homed in on the thread and got offended did the mods discover the shitpile fermenting for years under their noses. Too embarrassed to admit their utter failure as moderators, they pointed their fingers back to the users -- why the fuck no one ever told us?! -- and sure enough, a user stood up and said yes, he had tried to inform the mods -- he even got reprimanded for it. Seeing that further discussion in the open would only dig themselves deeper into lulz, the mods told the victim to talk to them by PM -- yeah, we'll deal with you later. When no one's around.

The Lust Game may have been razed to the ground, but cybersex is alive and well in TV Tropes. Trust us we won't rat you out to the mods: it's still their job, not ours. And for those who wish to study the psychosexual pathology of basement-dwelling aspies, a large chunk of the Lust Game has been archived for your persual.

Astroturfing on Alexa

We all know Fast Eddie is a touchy crybaby, but who'd have guessed he'd freak out over TWO negative reviews on His attempt to use tropers as his publicity machine ended up... we'll let the screenshots tell the story.

You Fail Public Relations Forever! About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

"We have always been at war with Something Awful"

The Goons, not being the kind of people that would let delicious drama like the above pass by, have had several threads dedicated to mocking TV Tropes and its stupid, creepy userbase, by quoting the mindboggling statements which the TV Tropes Forum is abundant with.

This of course, was another blatant display of Fat Eddie's utter failure as an admin and site-owner, and he responded in an adult and reasonable manner.

Nah, just kidding. If you actually have been reading this article, then you already know that Dear Leader's standard response to this kind of thing is throwing a massive tirade worthy of a three-year-old, and then cracking down with more censorship.

On the 22rd October 2011, the Goons who was signing up for their usual round of hilariously stupid quotes in the ongoing thread noticed that something rather fishy was going on. Clicking on the links in their thread just lead them back to the thread. They quickly figured out what was going on. That sly devil Eddie had in all his brilliance blocked all referrals from!

But this obstacle wasn't as insurmountable as Eddie had thought it would be. Copy-pasting the adress into a new tab or opening a incognito window in Chrome was enough to bypass it. So much for that fool-proof security.

Having regained access to TV Tropes, the goons discovered the horrible, horrible punishment Comrade Eddie had put upon SA for its terrible insolence: Denying them credit for the creation of the Let's Play phenomenon! Gasp!

While the Goons were busy laughing their asses off over this massively petty overreaction, the Tropers asked themselves why Fast Eddie was doing such a thing, and eventually they gathered the courage to ask him personally.

I messaged him about it and he said it's because Something Awful is a "vile pit of hate" and that [they] can "fuck off and die", and that he didn't want to read/ respond to any objections.


—Dear Leader has spoken, shut up or be banned.

Fast Eddie then went on an ethnic cleansing campaign and banned TV Tropes members that he thought were goons. Instead of doing the logical thing and calling Eddie's shit, tropers responded by "self-thumping" -- censoring any mention of Something Awful they have made previously on the forums.

The Great Pedocide of late April 2012

In 2012, Eddie and his moderators were too busy beating each off to do their jobs, and some tropers posted links to tentacle animu porn on the site, which pissed off Google, who told him to remove the links or they'd cut off his cash flow.

He did more than that: He decided to purge practically anything sexually offensive.

Especially controversial this time around, was that Fast Eddie had finally gotten a clue, and decided to axe murder everything with porn or pedophilia (live action or otherwise) leading to pages on Troper favorites such as the loli-fanservice show Kodomo no Jikan getting deleted. This caused hordes of pedos to scream out in terror as what they thought was their rightfully deserved safe haven was being thoroughly demolished, and their epic butthurt only got worse when the admins and mods, instead of yielding to their demands like they had done so many times in the past, doubled down and brought the banhammer down upon every sick fuck who refused to accept that no amount of sucking Eddie's cock would prevent the deletion of their wank material.

The Response to the Great Pedocide of late April 2012

During the April 2012 Great Pedocide Hunt on TV Tropes, many lulzy pages were deleted and salted by Fast Eddie and the moralfag TV Tropes moderators, partially so they wouldn't lose their Google AdSense site funding for their ghetto wiki, (which was the result of Fast Eddie being a lazy fuck who didn't regulate or lock a problematic page, so the asshole Google tore him as a result is his own damn fault) and partially because the first reason gave them an easy excuse to wave their (bent) moralfag dicks in the faces of their own tropers by deleting a lot of pages containing "Porn and Pedoshit", which caused much butthurt on the TV Tropes forums.

In fact, some tropers called for the moderators to preserve much of the lulz in some form by offloading it to the Fetish Fuel wiki or simply moving the HTML source for the offending pages offsite for public use, but instead of doing something vaguely reasonable, FE and his minions told the tropers to shut the fuck up and that it was going to be deleted, end of story.

However, they did add that if the tropers wanted it saved, so more than one of these disgruntled faggots decided to save copies of whatever it was they fapped to (whether it be porn or pedoshit), and have decided to archive their perversions for the benefit of the internet.

In fact, the Tropes Mirror Wiki is where it all wound up.

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Troper Pedocide in a nutshell

Links To TV Tropes Asshattery Related To Pedocide
Prominent Enemies Of The Pedocide
  • Practicality every single troper who bitched and moaned about the lost of their precious porn/pedo content pages.
  • Feminists who were pissed the Rape Trope pages were hosed because they wanted to enshrine them for validation purposes or some shit.
  • The usual butthurt internet goers who whine about internet censorship.
  • Those annoyed TV Tropes was cutting some of their lulzier content.
Prominent Supporters Of The Pedocide
  • The Goons - They've long hated TV Tropes ever since Fast Eddie denied them credit for all of their vast contributions to charity and calling their website "a vile pit of hate", so ever since they trolled and bashed the shit out of TV Tropes, hoping to topple Fast Eddie's empire.

Around the time of what TV Tropes calls "The Second Google Incident", the Goons finally found a source of delicious drama to bitch about, so they started a thread or two where they basically trolled the fuck out of the creepier tropers (who tried to troll them back) and generally just tried to piss the rest off by calling TV Tropes out for the shrine of filth and perversion it had become (some of which is archived here on ED), and as is typical for the Goons, this took the form of two gigantic threads that basically existed to mock, shame, and spit on everything TV Tropes stands for.

Unfortunately, both threads they set up for this purpose were eventually gassed as unfunny bullshit, partially because the Goons eventually added a fuckton of ex-tropers to the mix who started sperging the shit out of the whole thread, and partially because both threads were such unfunny rants to begin with that the SA mods, who already fucking hated the threads, gassed both as the unlulzy garbage they were.

Their current thread here hopes to avoid what got their former threads gassed by shitting on Tumblr SJW's (social justice warriors), Redditors, bronies, racists, sexist comic fans, creepy fucks, and practically anyone else they can bitch about when ranting about tropers gets old.

Update: Well, it looks like the final mock thread was finally put out of it's misery, and not only could the goons not even find any halfway decent drama to bitch about concerning TV Tropes, but like always, the whole things turned into an unfunny shitposting circlejerk by a bunch of whiny moralfags butthurt the rest of the internet no longer takes them seriously.
You can read how the final thread to mock TV Tropes was given a back alley abortion with a baseball bat here.
Individual Fanfics

The Great RAPE of the RAPE tropes

Further evidence of Fast Eddie's paranoid censorship has just surfaced.

Terrified of losing his precious moniez, he decided to cut all the RAPE tropes, including the Mind RAPE trope (which refers to mindfucking, not actual fucking), because he is terrified of running afoul of Google, which doesn't like talk about RAPE.

As seen in the below post link, even some of the moderators are invoking "What The Hell, Hero?" on their beloved dictator, who so far is giving out poorly explained bullshit answers as to the change.

Also, someone made good use of Google's complaint system to paralyze Fast Stalin's ghetto wiki, as confirmed by the High Priest of DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING himself:

See the below link to find out how he plans to grovel:

UPDATE: The Rape tropes were restored after a bunch of feminists gave TV Tropes shitty publicity, and because Fast Eddie believes his wiki should be forever praised, he caved in and restored the trope pages, but not before scrubbing them of lulz and giving them boring as fuck renames.

Fast Eddie tells fans of colored text to fuck themselves, he's shitcanning it!

The short reason is that he's a lazy fuck who is too tired of bitching at faggots who use it improperly, so he'd rather discontinue it altogether (like he did the porn and pedophilia when it threatened his precious moniez), and even though tropers bitched and moaned, his decision is final and Fighteer (Fast Eddie's personal cockmongler) took Eddie's dick out of his mouth long enough to tell everyone his Glorious Leader was right.

Here's some screenshots from "Ask The Tropers" of Eddie's latest "fuck my userbase" decisionmaking:

Fast Eddie and his fanbase are gearing up for a lolsuit on the Tropes Mirror Wiki!

The Tropes Mirror Wiki on Wikia was established as a place for butthurt faggot tropers banned from Fast Eddie's Democratic Republic of Troping to continue troping without Fast Eddie raping them with a Trope-Co brand dildo and giving them the banhammer.

And now it looks like Eddie's fanbase wants their Glorious Leader to smite the evildoers.

Hilariously, Fast Eddie is already aware of it, but since he's a lazy fuck, he's sitting on his ass, not bothering to defend his precious userbase. Then again, the website has been up for a few years now and he did jack shit to defend his copyright/ad moniez/bruised ego, so no surprises there.

The funny part is that Fast Eddie says what the Tropes Mirror Wiki is doing is wrong because they are ad supported and because they changed their license to a non commercial one. Of course, he also is fucking blind to the fact his decision is bullshit anyway since TV Tropes is also ad supported (which makes changing his license fucking useless since he also makes money), so he and his butthurt sheep have a shitty lolsuit case to begin with.

Here's a screenshot from their "Ask The Tropers" section regarding this faggotry:


Also, as you can see, the whining faggoty white knight of Fast Eddie (who still gives less than a fuck about his moneymaker) has already tattled to Wikia, but since tropers know Wikia shamelessly steals shit, one has to wonder what sort of tantrum these faggots will throw when Wikia them to fuck off.

UPDATE: It seems the faggots at TV Tropes decided to back off like pussies and not go after Wikia. First, Fighteer, of all people, told people that Eddie (who didn't give a fuck in the first place) didn't give a shit about defending his own fanbase and to back the hell off, then another moderator officially acknowledged that if a bunch of people want to rip of TV Tropes, that's A-OK.

Then they nuked the thread like it never happened.

Which is why the parts noted above can be seen here:


Fast Eddie is banning editing for Tor users

Fast Eddie has finally decided to ban editing if anyone (a legit user or troll) is using Tor.

Allegedly, he has good information that trolls use Tor to vandalize his shitty wiki. but he doesn't say anything about how he got this information, so he's likely bullshitting.

Either that, or he finally pulled his head out of ass and read the Vandal/How-to and PmWiki pages and cobbled together a Tor blocker for his shithole of a website.

Either way, if you try to edit from a Tor node, you can't edit any of the wiki pages anymore. However, you can still create an account with Tor and post on the forums and Ask The Tropers thread with Tor, so if you want you can still shit up the forums.

And regular proxies aren't fucked yet (and even Eddie admitted he can't get them all), so go hit up your 7 proxies like most trolls do if you want to contribute to Eddie's pathetic cesspit of a website.

Here's a screenshot of this faggotry being announced in "Ask The Tropers" .


And here's the thread where Eddie talks about why he's shitting himself over people editing his wiki over Tor:

TV Tropes Got HAXED!

Apparently, some hackers pissed the fuck off about TV Tropes' censorship policies decided to DDoS the entire website and redirect it to some "Spark Pay" site.

You can read about how the troperfags shit their pants on this TV Tropes forum thread

For bonus lulz, one of the hackers even posted on Wikipedo about it: here.

In related news, it seems whoever was behind the attack finally forced Eddie to put down the Cheetos and include a lot more security measures his shitty website should have had to deter haxx0rs in the first place:

Ongoing DDoS.png

Fast Eddie made account creation harder due to being trolled into oblivion

Around the beginning of April 2013, Fast Eddie (asshurt because a bunch of trolls showed up after his shitty site was still reeling from the DDoS and decided to rape it into oblivion) did away with the "punch in an account name and password" system and now forces everyone to include an email address that has to be confirmed first before you can become a productive editor.

No more page vandalism lulz as of May 2013

Since Fast Eddie is bound and determined to eliminate any hint of lulz from his wiki, he has now done away with anyone but the page owner and moderators being able to edit user pages of individual users. It used to be they allowed "friendly vandalism" on pages, but when a bunch of trolls decided to post some mean shit Eddie didn't like, he decided to end the "friendly vandalism" (cutting it completely like he does anything that causes him butthurt).

On the flip side, all of his site changes have completely dicked with his old user bans, so if you have a banned troll account, it may be possible to go back in and resume bringing lulz to Eddie's increasingly sterile website.

Why TV Tropes Is A Shithole And Its Leader Is An Incompetent Asshole.txt


Fast Eddie has an epic meltdown over the Tropes Mirror Wiki

It finally happened. After trying to ignore the Tropes Mirror Wiki for the longest time, he finally tried to make the administrator there feel like a thieving assbag for copypasting his operation, only to discover that thanks to Creative Commons, it's perfectly legal and that there isn't shit he could do about it aside from having a chimpout like a shit flinging monkey.

The full thread in Ask The Tropers chronicling his meltdown is below:

Fast Eddie's epic asspain.png

Site goes down due to hardware failure, Fast Eddie bullshits about an upgrade

Thursday September 6, 2013, all of TV Tropes goes down for unexplained reasons. Millions of tropetards shit themselves and furiously hit F5 over an over again so they can sate their aspie lust for TV Tropes to no avail. Halfweay through the day, a shittily constructed "Upgrade In Progress" message shows up on the still broken website (obviously ripped off from Fallout), and then several hours later, the site is back up, with every link in red and site slowdown everywhere.

Fast Eddie and his dickless minions quickly reassure everyone that non malicious hardware failure, not a DDoS attack was the cause, and that the remaining problems are being fixed, and peace is restored to TV Tropes.

However, several things about the situation seem incredibly suspicious, and since it's obvious incompetence by Fast Eddie is yet again responsible for more drama, here are the facts of the situation:

  • Some tropers wondered why an "upgrade in progress" message was posted when no upgrade had taken place, which they rightly believe is suspicious and deceptive.
  • Awhile back, they did have an actual upgrade take place, and the site performed somewhat badly at times, but never actually went down, and it wasn't even TV Tropes doing the upgrade, but rather the company that is leasing them server space, and even Fast Eddie made it clear actual, no shit hardware was being installed and/or upgraded by the server company, which was not mentioned in this case.
  • When TV Tropes was restored to functionality, the wikilinks were all red regardless whether they led to content or not. In the event of hardware failure, the wiki parser would not be the only component of the wiki effected, and a hardware failure would not cause that sort of data corruption.

Later on, Fighteer (Fast Eddie's bottom bitch) later confirmed it was a software issue, not a hardware issue, but kept repeating vague bullshit about the upgrade message merely being a placeholder. Regardless whether he's telling the truth or not, it's still pretty obvious a core aspect of the wiki parser broke epically and the database went batshit, and since Fast Eddie uses a hacky fusion of PmWiki's default file system and an SQL backend, the most likely suspect for his webshit going haywire is him fucking with it, furiously trying to fix it, then attempting to blame it on everything but his own fail.


Tv Tropes now has competition:

Even though they have content only from June 2012 and earlier, they have several features designed to pwn the fuck out of Fast Edtard's POS of a wiki:

It even seems they got mention on TV Tropes in this (now baleeted by Fast Eddie) "Ask The Tropers" section:

ATT mentioned on TVT.png

However, before you go thinking they are "better" than TV Tropes, they also have the following:

  • A lot of the horrible porn banned off TV Tropes

Needless to say, Fast Eddie's ass is already bleeding, and it's a safe bet everyone who fapped over the baleetion of all the porn they hated off TV Tropes is gnashing their teeth and shitting their pants over the fact somewhere besides that shitty Wikia fork exists to host trope pages on horrible hentai animu.

The Asspain Of Fast Eddie and his butt buddy Fighteer

An anonymous troll discovered the new troping site and decided to see how free they were to talk about it on TV Tropes.

Needless to fuckin say, Tv Tropes moderators cried like little bitches at the mention of a possible rival to Fast Eddie's monument to autism, so he decided to see what would happen if someone decided to make a few casual mention of All The Tropes on TV Tropes.

All of them were baleeted, but not before that anon saved a few pics on anonimgur for your viewing pleasure:

  • The Wiki Rule Censorship - The Wiki Rule is a page on TV Tropes listing wikis for fucking everything. Well, except any potential rivals to TV Tropes, removed by Fighteer in an obvious attempt to make the man whose dick he rides happy. The reason he removed the edits for is bullshit and the edit is not against the rules, but then again, when have the Tv Trope moderator obeyed their own rules? The page the edit was made on was also locked, for reasons you can obviously guess.
  • Start My Own Pre Censorship - A page about things started as alternative to other things. In this pic, an edit is added about All The Tropes, removing some clear "negativity". (which is supposed to be against the rules)
  • Start My Own Post Censorship - The Start My Own pages after Fighteer (in between slurps of Eddie's withered dick) got his hands on it. The reason for removal is removing links to "troll sites", which is fucking hilarious since Encyclopedia Dramatica still has its own link on "The Wiki Rule" page (it's a troll site, right Eddie?), and the site links removed link to Wikia (it's a fantard haven that gets trolled, not a trolling site) and the Orain wiki farm (which is similar to Wikia, just smaller, and their ToS forbid trolling/hate sites, so yet again, Fighteer was too stupid to do a Google search, look this shit up, or come up with better reasons for censorship haha, disregard that).

tl;dr - Tv Tropes is terrified of competition and will do anything to deny anyone the right to find another site to waste their worthless, basement dwelling lives just like theirs.

Fast Eddie: When a bad policy decision results in heachaches, I break another site feature!

Most site like forums and wikis use spoiler code markup to hide shit like movie spoilers and hidden messages where people call each other faggots, and for the most part, no one shits their pants over it.

That is, unless you are Fast Eddie.

In late 2013, he passed a policy declaring spoiler markup should be removed from most character pages and heavily restricted elsewhere. And, like most of his "admin fiat" decisions, the decision was poorly announced to the rest of the site to the point every new aspie to sign up immediately kept acting like the new rules didn't exist since they weren't exactly pointed out in a fucking obvious place (like say, a site notice at the top of every page). Also, the response to these new rules being violated was much butthurt as new users kept getting censured and banned like crazy in the hopes that word of how pissy this made the mods would stop the massive use of spoilers, and like every decision Fast Eddie ever implemented, this blew up in his face and caused a ton of ass pain for everyone, so he finally decided to implement another hack to his custom PmWiki setup that strips all spoilers from pages to stanch the flow of his own ass blood.

Fast Eddie finally starts banning spoiler markup.png

Fast Eddie:More ads to whore for more jew golds!

Fast Eddie being the cheapass he is, he'd rather die than pay one cent out of pocket to keep his shitty site going (besides, he need the money to pay rent on his shitty trailer in Wisconsin), so he added ANOTHER ad service on top of Google Ads to keep site costs going

Fast Eddies adds ads to break even on operation costs.png

There was a thread where he announced things, but the thread was baleeted when someone pointed out the new ad service was making the site hard to load on dialup (and obviously, Fast Eddie would rather memory hole the evidence of his fail than admit he fucked something up).

Also, another thing Eddie has revealed is that he apparently has a very shitty service plan. Bandwidth is fucking cheap these days, and the fact he's willing to suck the cocks of every ad service on the planet to keep his site going means he either is too stupid to find a cheap bandwidth provider, or is too fucking greedy to give a damn.

Either way, if you're a pissed off troper and want to troll him in retaliation for shoving more fucking ads in your face, use Adblock and Noscript while browsing to deny him jew golds.

In the process, you won't have to deal with the buggy, malware infected shit the ads usually try to fuck up your computer with anyway, also mentioned in the thread that Eddie deleted for heresy.

Fast Eddie caught sockpuppeting on Wikipedia

That's right, the man who claimed he hated Wikipedia decided to sockpuppet there to whitewash shit he didn't like out of the TV Tropes article, especially stuff about the mostly likely illegal license changeover.

Even more lulzy, the guy who runs his direct competition outed Eddie's sockpuppetting ass, which proved to be really easy since Eddie didn't use 7 proxies, and the addresses could be easily linked back to Eddie with a simple Jewgle search.

Here's a link to a Tumblr covering the drama with Tumblrites laughing at Eddie's fail, with a link to the Wikipedia page that outed Eddie's socking.

TV Tropes Drama is part of a series on Tv tropes tpl.png