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He had no choice; they were discussing the pros and cons of Amnesty.
Don't let Hasbro fool you; Taboo topics are no game, except for Watersports
Fuck taboo; I want my black person make-up

When something is deemed taboo in society, it pretty much signifies that everyone has pussied out of discussing it, because they think so much as mentioning it will tear the Earth apart like the reawakening of Jesus Christ. This is in some cases true, since much of society has a mental handicap too great to deal with the calm discussion of religion, politics or niggers.

"Discussion of Religion/Politics/Niggers results in a ban"

In many e-communities, discussing the above topics can often warrant a ban, since the people who use forums are too stupid to keep the conversation civilized. When discussing one of the above topics on the internet, there is always someone to burst in and say something completely fucktarded, paving the way for all hell to break loose. This causes everyone involved to become a obnoxious lordy assface until the situation devolves into discussion of 'My God could beat up your God'. It has been proven that starting the discussion of taboo topics can generate much drama and lulz, and is an encouraged trolling method.

List of Topics that are typically Taboo