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Whoop, there it is.

The Tag Team is a type of flame war related to the Almighty Pillage.

Instead of a swarm of trolls attacking a poster at once, the trolls form an informal queue and attack the poster one at a time. Anything that a previous or future troll has asked is completely irrelevant to the current question, but any answer that the poster has given can, and probably will, be used against the poster.

This is also known as the Chinese Water Flame.

Alternatively, it refers to a style of good cop / bad cop flaming, whereby one troll actually debates with the OP, and the other constantly baits them with inane flames. Should the OP attempt to defend themselves, the first troll calls them out for going off-topic. Conversely, should they attempt to stay on-topic, they are forced to endure a withering barrage of petty insults. It's win-win.

Tag team also refers to a threesome in which the two men want to exchange orifices. See sandwich, or professional wrestling.

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