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Tailfox's fursona, a common choice for Sonic fans into diapers.

Tailfox was a LiveJournal user whose diaperfur antics led to an e-lawsuit against Stupid free.

Planning a party!

Back in May of 2007, Tailfox posted to Poor skills asking where to get cheap supplies for a party he was throwing:

Planning a gathering ^____^

I need the following in bulk, stat:

3 cases of diapers (important: adult size) 12 sippy cups Jammies (again, adult size) Lots and lots of chlorophyll tablets

I need this as cheaply as possible. I've been looking around at the medical supply places, but they either do not sell direct to the public, or require doctor approval. I hold these events often enough that wholesale prices are preferred.


—Tailfox, gracious host

The members of Lj-favicon.png poor_skills responded initially with confusion, until the moar internets-savvy members enlightened them: there are grown men and women who like pretending to be babies and pooping in their diapers. Careful use of Google revealed that chlorophyll supposedly reduces the odor shit, so apparently these particular babies weren't into shit enough to enjoy the smell.

Lj-favicon.png lakinicoyote accused tailfox of ripping off her material, but he appeared wholly sincere; he wanted to throw a babyfur diaper-shitting party, and he just couldn't understand why he was getting so much grief for it.

Lulz were had on stupid free, and people debated whether or not he was a troll, but people generally believed that Lj-favicon.png tailfox was a sock journal made for reading furry comms. Tailfox went away, and was forgotten for a while.

My daddy's gonna kill me!

A few months later, Tailfox returned to Lj-favicon.png poor_skills with a disaster on his hands:

Getting caca out

nevermind how it happened...I've got silk jammies that need stain removal fast and daddy is coming home soon so i can't put it in the washer. i have baking soda, dish soap and all that stuff but i dont know what works best.


—Tailfox, asking for it

Again, community members were confused at first, many thinking that Tailfox was a small child who had somehow posted on LiveJournal. Once others reminded them that Tailfox was a babyfur, and again went through the entertaining process of explaining exactly what that is to internets virgins, the community fucking exploded. Lj-favicon.png stupid_free got involved again, and eventually the P_S mods deleted the post.

Just wait til your father gets home

All of a sudden, the Lj-favicon.png tailfox journal took on a markedly different tone. The new user identified himself as "davewolf," Tailfox's kinky daddy, and he had a message to LJ:

This is Tailfox's daddy here.

I don't have an account on livejournal so I'm just going to borrow his. I wish to apologize for his behavior, but I am a bit taken aback by the attitudes in this community. If you cherish your adulthood so much, act in accordance with it.

I am also disappointed in the person who told Tailfox to mix bleach with other chemicals. Not only is the red pajamas blotched now, but you could have caused a chemical accident. I hope the moderators will act on this.





Assuming Tailfox was a troll, many LJers had decided to troll Tailfox back by giving him a bunch of completely wrong ideas for cleaning the shit off of silk pajamas. Among the suggestions were toilet cleaner, baking soda and vinegar, and other bad ideas, someone proposed mixing bleach with ammonia -- a combination that produces deadly chlorine gas OMG awesome crystals, go try it. Now, anyone who thinks using bleach on silk at all is clearly too stupid to live, but Davewolf declared himself ready to sue for $150 replacement pajamas and attempted murder.

Periodically, over the next few months, Davewolf trolled Lj-favicon.png stupid_free with further lawsuit threats and gloating over what he perceived to be the failure of SF, though ironically every comment he made contributed to the comm's well-being. He also informed the community that he had kicked Tailfox to the curb for "soiling Italian linens" and "spilling his sippy-cup on the keyboard."

Christmas so far

Ive thrown that prick Tailfox out of the house long ago and havent heard from him since...but who happens who show up at my door just as I was hosting cubhouse this weekend? That motherfucker..apparently he's got some rich furry sugardaddy to shack up with all this time. And I hoped he'd be in a mission shelter rotting with mange.

But anyways Drakie thnx for the new jamjams ^____T You totally pwned my holiday.


—Davewolf, from his now-deleted journal

The case inevitably found its way to Lj-favicon.png internetscourt, where it was denied a hearing. Now both Lj-favicon.png tailfox and Lj-favicon.png davewolf have been deleted, as have many of the best posts, and we may never know whether Tailfox/Davewolf were two seriously messed up furries or one of the most diabolically clever trolls ever perpetrated on LJ.


In April 2008, Lj-favicon.png tailfoxcub entered SF Drama and made what he considered a wholly reasonable request:

now that I have a connection I can address this...Im not going to bother with stupid_free so Ill post this here:


whoever made that (and I know it was one of you here) please remove it. Or at least remove my name..I dont care if you live that prick Davewolf's crap up there but leave me out of it OK? he's the abusive idiot who was trying to sue you all



Well, Davewolf may have been the one who threatened to sue LiveJournal, but Tailfox was the one who shat his daddy's PJs, so... how about NO.

This post was eventually removed and TailFox buhleted his LJ. Unfortunately, he's since undeleted, thus allowing the cycle of drama to continue.

Bring in the babyfurs!

On April 27th 2009 ,

Tailfox went on the ISO comic community on livejournal to ask that ISO, a Circles like comic should include sissyfurs and incontinence as a plot device. Reaction was unanimously negative as ISO is the last comic babyfurs should ever take part of.

When confronted about the fact that the comic is about gay men at college level who are certainly over the stage of wearing diapers, Tailfox says that it's not fair and that the comic should be more inclusive.

-Top choices :

Hello everyone! I want to say how much I'm honored to be a member here and how much I love the ISO comic. I'm kind of disappointed in all the muscle, though, and would like to recommend adding some sissy furs in? Perhaps the issue of incontinence used as a plot device?

We're not all muscle queens in this fandom. It was just a suggestion. Besides, babyfurs are becoming the largest niche, so why not take advantage of that and expand the fan base?

What is it with muscle queens that makes them enraged over things that don't meet their narrow definition of beauty? Do you lift weights, (insertnamehere)?

That was a libelious and incorrect statement. I've sued before, so I suggest you retract it.

What Tailfoxcub threatens to do if you ever attack him at his room party

"The last guy who started a fight at my room party got smothered with a wet diaper. I suggest you reconsider your threats, unless you're into that sort of thing. "

Wet noodle party! Woo hoo!

Tailfox strikes again, under the name Tailfoxcub, posting to the SFbayarea LJ community:

"Wet noodle party Saturday March 6th 8:00PM - 3:00AM 11683 Los Ranchitos Ct in Dublin

I'm holding a wet noodle party next Saturday. 21+ only, and we're carding due to alcohol. Drakie's bringing his inflatable pool and I have plenty of pasta, but bring your own so we can get a variety going. There's a place out back in case you need to hose down afterwards.

What to bring:

Pasta Pool toys (etiquette note: DO NOT pop the toys of others without asking. Not everyone is into that). Your favorite Disney movies Condoms

No cameras, video or otherwise. PM me if you have any questions."


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