Taking A Break

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This girlfriend is "Taking A Break"

During a relationship, there will come a time when your girlfriend will announce to you that she "wants to take a break". Seems innocent enough and her reasoning is usually that she "needs some time to herself" away from you, or that her school/work is bogging her down.

In reality what she really means by "Taking a break" is that she wants to go out and slut around until she finds a new boyfriend because she is too much of a coward to break up with you beforehand. This tactic gives her insurance that if her plan to find a new boyfriend fails, then she can get back with you with ease since the relationship never really ended. This way her constant fulfillment of attention and hugs isn't compromised.

If she does find a new boyfriend she will come back and break up with you mentioning "this isn't going to work" and continue to lie to you about how she needs to be alone, when in fact she has already had plenty of foreign dick in her.

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