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Broken images

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3D Porn is the easiest way to troll animu fanboys, as seen here when the MarshviperX tripban saga spilled over to /a/.

As found under ===Chibi===

As found under ==Gallery of Typical Animu Cliché's==

Image:Anime_demotivator.jpg|It isn't real, but people like the masks

Image:Brancainanimestyle.jpg|Branca, anime style. Just like her IRL picture!

You ever realise how in anime, the main character either has to have brown or black hair. Well mostly in hentai too. Lazarus


Animu Music

Are any anime fans butthurt by this article?

I'm not. I found it really lulzy even though I am a big anime fan myself.

Keep up teh lulz man.

I will edit this article myself to improve its quality.

--AnonNigger 16:11, 20 July 2013 (EDT)