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Seeking congregation places for criticism

If there is a forum or preferably multiple boards which are focused on or at least allow criticism of Phil's show or similar, that could be a good resource for building the article. Presumably the stuff at or at gets heavily censored, I would not trust anything hosted by the show itself, although it could still be used as a launching point. A basic search gives which I assume the show does not control but I am not sure about Topix policies regarding censorship, do you think it can be relied upon? Are there any other mediums? TI.jpg 16:37, 25 November 2014 (EST)


Well since CrackRabbit reverted it without just cause, I will put the notes here. This could be material to start sub-pages with since Phil has fucked with so many people for lulz in later years. Organized by year when Phil began drama with them.

Joseph Palmer

Nov 20 and 21: convicted in 2007 on 151 counts of sexual misconduct, sentenced to 250 years in prison. Phill called him a pervert and molester. Phil did not actually speak directly to "Grandpa Joe", the husband of Peggy Palmer, but instead accused Peggy (without proof) of allowing Joe to molest her grand-daughters (also something without hard proof, relying solely on testimonials) so that he would not have sex with her. All Peggy admits to seeing Joe (who was their step-grandfather) asleep with his hand on the leg of Ashley (now 30) below the knee (distal, closer to foot than pelvis) which Phil tried to spin into evidence of there being abuse. Megan (now 24) also claimed abuse to back up her sister, but she claimed to visit them when she was 4 and Peggy said she did not begin visiting until she was 7, so this is probably a case of FMS. The other so-called "witnesses" of the story were Ashley's friends who claimed to get ass-pats from Joe yet lived any miles away and could not provide any evidence of ever having visited his home. Phil made as if the jury process is infallible and can be trusted, overlooking all kinds of false convictions that occur through it. He painted Peggy and her supportive neighbour as paranoid conspiracy-theorists who thought the prosecutor and jurors were 'in on it' even though they probably just thought they were misled.


surname unknown the Nov 25th ep regarding letting his daughter Linsday marry cult leader Victor Barnard. A partial transcript of something shown on-screen and accompanying dialogue.

Excerpts from Statement of Probable Cause

  • B's father said he felt that was wrong but he felt pressured not to say anything against Barnard and didn't
  • Looking back on it now that he knew Barnard had sex with his daughter when she was still a child, he said he did not know what he was thinking at the time but just remembers always feeling so much pressure to not become an outcast and lose everything he had.
Dad: "Do you think for one minute, being as a father to you, that if I knew that you were getting abused or hurt in any way, that I wouldn't come... that would JAR something in me, I know that it would"
Lindsay "Well it obviously didn't, because Victor made it clear what he was doing, I don't know why you can't..."
Phil "But it didn't, because I looked at the excerpts from the probable cause statements with the police.. *quotes first bullet and then falsely paraphrases*: "It says you felt that it was wrong, you KNEW it at the time!" *only quotes the first half of the second bullet and then stops, presenting it out of context*
Dad "I KNEW? I did not know that..."
Phil" That's what you told the police."
Dad "AFTER Lindsay told me I knew, I didn't know that he had sex with you before that"
Phil *quotes from the report, then falsely pharaphrases: "So I knew he was having sex with my daughter, but I didn't want to be an outcast and if the price to pay was her, then I would pay it." That's all it means to me.
Dad "I would never have done that"

The false (or pseudo) paraphrasing of Phil (which could be called Philaphrasing) misleads his audience both times:

  1. The first time, he claims bullet 1 implied Carmen knew at the time (about the sex) but the police report does not specify that the word -that- referred to sexual acts.
  2. The second time, he initially only presents half of bullet 2, not completing the context of the thought. After he does quote the full thing, he then mis-represents it. He claims bullet 2 states that the father knew Victor was having sex with Lindsay at the time, but the statement about knowing that was phrased in regard to the word -now- which meant that it referred to the time at which the statement was taken, after his daughter told him.

Am wondering if anyone knows a more appropriate place to dissect his bullshit. Could not do it this indepth before PVR gave these analytical options. TI.jpg 01:49, 26 November 2014 (EST)

Dr Phil Warcraft Video?

Where that episode with that guy with the WOW addiction, should put it on here and make fun of dr phil for not knowing you don't need the disc to PLAY WOW  — Preceding comment added by Lazarus (talkcontribs), who is too much of a fucking retard to sign their own posts. IT'S FOUR TILDES (~~~~), NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!