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File:Douglas Spink photo.jpg
The wonderful Douglas Spink himself - note the sloping forehead and brow ridges.
File:Douglas Spink prison.PNG
Details of Doug's arrest and release.
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You have the freedom to tell the world you fuck dogs, but you probably shouldn't.
The staff at Exitpoint currently filming the sequal to Mr. Hands.

I worked with DS at Baneki doing tech/custie supp back before he got popped. So one quick thing to note: [email protected] is not doug, that's Marc Tager. He was our sales and marketing head. Last I talked to him he was in middle california living somewhere along the North-south 101 corridor, maybe around Eureka. But he's not the same guy as Doug.Hexrei


Douglas Spink, a graduate of Reed College and a recipient of an MBA from the University of Chicago, is a lifelong student of the nonhuman world, with extensive experience in canine pack dynamics, competitive

showjumping, and successful equine and canine breeding management. Active online for over 15 years, he has been the focus of public fascination as a result of his business successes and failures, BASE jumping experiences, stallion management philosophies, narcotics conviction, technology projects, and non-traditional family life. A popular speaker on topics as diverse as entrepreneurship, cryptographic privacy tools, cross-species relationships, and literary theory, he serves as CTO of Baneki Privacy Computing ( He can be contacted directly at [email protected] or via telephone at 800 909 3972


NOTE: Doug has not spoken to them for years. Tell them of his farmyard fun.

  • Claire Spink (Mother)
  • Jack Spink (Father)
  • Corrine Super (ex-finacee)
  • Judy Spink (ex-wife)
  • Matthew Slayton (Stepson)

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