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Broken images

As found under ==An Introduction to Fail==

As found under ==Gallery==

Image:Fesazukichan Math Fail.JPG|S(h)ouldn't someone with Asperger's Syndrome be good with math? She fails at it. Translation fail?

Image:Internet celebrity win.PNG|Even ED isn't safe from the occassional fail.

start of page is fail.

New page's first part needs to be moar funny and less unfunny attack page. Exhibit B: "A more concise and definite definition of fail can be found by looking back on everything you've ever attempted." No witty double meaning? No subtly offensive low jabs at the reader? This doesn't bring the lulz.

Rest of the article is good, though. BilboDerpins 17:57, 9 May 2011 (UTC)