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TOW userpage

the text of my old wikipedia userpage was inserted, making this article really long. there is an image of it here somewhere. could that be embedded instead of that wall of text? there really are zero lulz in it. -hipcrime Applebloom hipcrime sig.gif 02:51, 26 February 2013 (EST)

Do it yourself you lazy bitch; embed the image, {{story|x}} that motherfucker, ah don't give ah fhuuuuuq!MR JONZZ Cockbeast.jpg03:56, 26 February 2013 (EST)
done. i added some stuff about the other blocks, but i'm still waking up, and can't quite remember how the blocks went down. it was something like
  1. blocked for penises
  2. blocked for the true userpage
  3. blocked for socking lol
  4. usertalk revoked by IRC aspies
  5. ArbCom takes over the block for the lulz

i was working with arbcom to apply for unblock six months after last socking, but then i remembered how to stop caring. -hipcrime Applebloom hipcrime sig.gif 13:10, 26 February 2013 (EST)

Well done; you didn't fuck up the page... dong4U... :D - Mr.Jonzz Jonzz.png 15:59, 26 February 2013 (EST)
B========D~~~~ -hipcrime Applebloom hipcrime sig.gif 19:03, 26 February 2013 (EST)

now it's fixed. i accidentally a section that duplicated stuff that was already there. -hipcrime Nyan micro sig.gif 08:05, 22 March 2013 (EDT)

Cool story bro. - Mr.Jonzz Jonzz.png 12:46, 22 March 2013 (EDT)
well it does deserve mention, cuz i'm editing my own shit. :) -hipcrime Nyan micro sig.gif 20:47, 28 March 2013 (EDT)
I think you can be trusted not to be a fagg... oh, wait... :| - Mr.Jonzz Jonzz.png 03:32, 29 March 2013 (EDT)


so i can find them. :) -hipcrime Nyan micro sig.gif 10:53, 3 April 2013 (EDT)

Ironholds has friends?

[15:54] * You were kicked from #wikipedia-en-unblock by GorillaWarfare (This is not a place to loiter, and not the place to try to discuss your block.)

Session Start: Sun Jul 14 15:59:30 2013
Session Ident: gorillawarfare
�01[15:59] <badmachine> wow rude
[15:59] <GorillaWarfare> The channel is not for loitering, and you weren't responding to my requests to leave.
�01[16:00] <badmachine> i didnt see them. my apologies
�01[16:00] <badmachine> i will fix my alert
�01[16:00] <badmachine> where can i loiter
[16:01] <GorillaWarfare> I'd recommend you don't
�01[16:01] <badmachine> why
�01[16:01] <badmachine> er, why not
�01[16:02] <badmachine> if you dont care to discuss it, that is fine. i expect that from people like you
[16:03] <GorillaWarfare> From what I hear, you've worn out your welcome on almost all the WMF channels
�01[16:03] <badmachine> yeah i exposed ironholds irc abuse
�01[16:04] <badmachine> and will continue to do so, thanks
[16:04] <GorillaWarfare> Right, and this kind of behavior is why you're finding that you're unwelcome
�01[16:04] <badmachine> why is my behavior worse than his
�01[16:04] <badmachine> im only exposing HIS bad behavior
�01[16:05] <badmachine> but i understand. you love your wikipedia. and nothing is wrong with it
[16:05] <GorillaWarfare> I am not going to argue this with you
�01[16:05] <badmachine> okay then
�01[16:05] <badmachine> i know your type
�01[16:05] <badmachine> not open for reasonable discussion
�01[16:05] <badmachine> my door is always open
[16:06] <GorillaWarfare> It would appear that it's open to discussion, but not necessarily to reasonable discussion.
�01[16:07] <badmachine> what is unreasonable about my behavior
�01[16:07] <badmachine> we have an abusive sysop
�01[16:07] <badmachine> and im one of the ones he picked on
�01[16:07] <badmachine> what is unreasonable about my actions
�01[16:07] <badmachine> pls tell me
[16:07] <GorillaWarfare> "i expect that from people like you"
�01[16:07] <badmachine> yes
�01[16:07] <badmachine> wikipedians
�01[16:07] <badmachine> people for whom wikipedia is never wrong
�01[16:08] <badmachine> it is bad to discuss abuse from sysops
�01[16:08] <badmachine> so yeah
�01[16:08] <badmachine> people like you
[16:08] <GorillaWarfare> Right; these kinds of generalizations show to me that you're not really open for reasonable discussion.
�01[16:08] <badmachine> you just cant defend his actions
�01[16:08] <badmachine> cuz theyre indefensible
[16:08] <GorillaWarfare> I don't think Ironholds has done anything particularly abusive
�01[16:08] <badmachine> so you give a vague handwave at my behavior or generalizations
�01[16:09] <badmachine> particularly
�01[16:09] <badmachine> lol
�01[16:09] <badmachine> LOL
[16:09] <GorillaWarfare> Furthermore, Ironholds is a friend of mine
�01[16:09] <badmachine> ya i gathered
�01[16:09] <badmachine> so its protect teh buddy now
�01[16:09] <badmachine> i dont expect any kind of reason or rational thought from you now
�01[16:09] <badmachine> you know youre wrong. you know hes wrong
�01[16:10] <badmachine> and you know that im right
[16:10] <GorillaWarfare> Haha, whatever you say, badmachine.
�01[16:10] <badmachine> my actions are defensible.
�01[16:10] <badmachine> okay i see.
�01[16:10] <badmachine> enjoy your VisualEditor
�01[16:10] <badmachine> AFT5
�01[16:10] <badmachine> hows that going, btw
�01[16:10] <badmachine> nah jk.
�01[16:10] <badmachine> see ya around.
�01[16:52] <badmachine>,_2013
�01[16:52] <badmachine> there ya go
�01[16:52] <badmachine> 17th too
[16:54] <GorillaWarfare> Classy
�01[16:54] <badmachine> just like oliver's chats
�01[16:54] <badmachine> and abuse
�01[16:55] <badmachine> its hard for me to believe youre a woman
�01[16:55] <badmachine> what the hell
�01[16:55] <badmachine> youve �seen� some of his chats. why are you buddies with him
[16:55] <GorillaWarfare> Uhh
�01[16:55] <badmachine> i bet youre not a woman. or your irc nick has nothing to do with your wikipedia username
�01[16:56] <badmachine> or, a sock
�01[16:56] <badmachine> lol like optimom
�01[16:56] <badmachine> close that gendergap
[16:57] <GorillaWarfare> Lol
�01[16:57] <badmachine> ;)
[16:57] <GorillaWarfare> For the record, cloaks verify who you are on-wiki
�01[16:57] <badmachine> yeah i know.
�01[16:58] <badmachine> it was a joke.
[16:58] <GorillaWarfare> Oh
[16:58] <GorillaWarfare> Hilarious
�01[16:59] <badmachine> i dont mean the part about you being a male sockpuppeter is a joke. i totally believe youre a man.
[17:02] <GorillaWarfare> Okay
�01[17:03] <badmachine> :)
-hipcrime Nyan micro sig.gif 20:07, 14 July 2013 (EDT)
Session Start: Mon Aug 12 09:22:17 2013
Session Ident: GorillaWarfare
[09:22] <zzyzzygy> por vous:
[09:22] <zzyzzygy>
[09:27] <GorillaWarfare> Ah, it's back?
[09:27] <zzyzzygy> awaiting bans
[09:29] <GorillaWarfare> badmachine, hm?
[09:29] <zzyzzygy> your observational skills are excellent
[09:29] <zzyzzygy> :B
[09:30] <zzyzzygy> you missed a few
[09:31] <zzyzzygy> it was admirable, the way you stood up for him. im glad he will be desysopped
[09:31] <GorillaWarfare> Patience is a virtue
[09:31] <zzyzzygy> yes. :)
Session Close: Mon Aug 12 13:28:29 2013

Session Start: Mon Aug 12 13:28:30 2013
Session Ident: GorillaWarfare
[16:19] GorillaWarfare is [email protected]/GorillaWarfare * GorillaWarfare
[16:19] GorillaWarfare using Frankfurt, Germany
[16:19] GorillaWarfare is away: AFK
[16:19] GorillaWarfare is logged in as GorillaWarfare
[16:19] GorillaWarfare End of /WHOIS list.
[18:14] <badmachine> so tell me: did you suck it?
[18:14] <badmachine> im going to guess yes
[18:15] <badmachine> any n00dz? pls send them to [email protected]
[18:15] <badmachine> kthx
Session Close: Mon Aug 12 19:56:26 2013

Session Start: Mon Aug 12 19:56:26 2013
Session Ident: GorillaWarfare
Session Close: Mon Aug 12 21:20:14 2013

Session Start: Mon Aug 12 21:20:14 2013
Session Ident: GorillaWarfare
Session Close: Tue Aug 13 00:00:01 2013

added some old stuff for completeness. -hipcrime Emote Pop tart cat.gif 08:00, 30 July 2016 (EDT)


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