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archive of absent pics, presumably swallowed by Girlvinyl (although, frankly, I don't REALLY know why they aren't there anymore).

Image:Hls-wip.gif|With handy shampoo bottle. Image:Exlesbian.jpg|Cured possible. Image:Tomdickandsally.jpg|Dick? Image:LesbianComplaint.gif|All lesbians have relationship issues. File:US1.jpg|A false portrayal of lesbian activity. Image:No Boys Allowed.jpg|They love to cocktease

I must have been hanging around this place for a couple years now and I've only just twigged that the phrase 'Daddy's Money Lesbian' isn't grammatically analogous with 'Santa's Little Helper'. I had been wondering what a 'Money Lesbian' is. Sidecar 20:07, 18 November 2016 (EST)