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Typical Tanzanians
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Stub is better than Crap

So I obviously don't care a flying Tze Tze Fly about Tanzania or the article about Tanzania, but I do care about Geography, and I am very fond of this Encyclopedia. It's apparent (and perfectly understandable) that yesterday's edit reversals were not fully thought out. The article as it reads now is a piece of shit devoid of any lulz whatsoever. In fact it reads like a mixture of wikipaedia and uncyclo, peppered with some very pitiful national pride. In particular the section: ways to troll Tanzanians, as it reads in the original article is quiet literally uncyclopaedic and not dramatic at all. It makes me feel embarrassed for whoever wrote it, and it embarrasses the entire Commonwealth compendium. In fact it seems the article was created years ago by a single (probably East African) member, edited only once or twice, and left not to die but to metastasize into that which is devouring ED's cold corpse. My complete re-write, as suggested by the article, is not perfect, complete, or even good, but it provides a viable skeleton upon which a slightly better text body could be developed. I even included a picture of ab idealized Tanzanian landscape to get things going and perhaps to contrast with photos of enchanting cities like Dar-es-Salaam. I was about to include a picture of Hugo the Hippo when I noticed my edits had been reverted in a feat of extraordinarily blind conservatism or status quo radicalism. I'm invoking uti posidetis on all Geography Craps and Stubs. Let's leave a beautiful, lulzy Corpse for our African posterity to admire. --Neurogeezer 17:36, 30 November 2015 (EST)