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Broken image links

Links to images removed from the article because they didn't work;

Image:Nintega Dave Medina.jpg|His mere sight brings such woe as this that he clearly will never get fucked.

Image:MCusers.png| Typical group of virgins sitting in Tinychat looking for wimmens...


Image:Wishful_thinking.jpg|His MySpace says he's 32 and drives a Porsche

Image:chinless.jpg|There may be hope yet, girl. Keep that chin up. Oh wait..

Image:Trekkies.jpg|the cream of the crop!

Image:Jhgkjfdhs.jpg|Just because youre Jew, doesnt mean your gonna get any pussy. The only sure fire possesion is of a wolf jacket.

File:Virgin fag.jpg|a failed pedophile that works at mc donalds that will never, EVER get pussy, click on the image for all his personal information

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