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Proabivouac, formerly known as Timmy, is a totally non-gay henchman of the Wikipedia Jews. Born to an rich family, he was kicked out of his preppy college and he spent Daddy's money to move to San Francisco and spend his adult life getting trashed and tranny chasing on the Internets. Timmy originally hated all non-Aryan Supermen, until Jayjg found him lying in the gutter and channelled his hate of sand niggers to train him into an Internet Muslim Hate Machine.


Timmy's rich parents made sure he got into an expensive university, Occidental. However, one day while he was trying to break into the freshman dorms a female RA caught him and called the popo, and he yelled at her calling her a cunt who should gb2kitchen. This being one of the most liberal universities in the country, he was kicked out on his bum bum. He spent the rest of daddy's money to move to San Francisco and spend it chasing trannies on the Internets.


In 2005 Tim came to TOW. Before this time, he knew that white men were the only superior beings on this planet. But the Wikipedia Jews caught wind of his anti-towelhead rants, and took him in and trained him to be an expert attack dog. He was eventually put on "probation", so his friends helped him create a new account, "Proabivouac", so he could wipe his arse on the Qu'ran once again.

Around this time Tim developed a crush on a cute blonde, but while hacking his new crush's e-mail for nude pix to facepaint, discovered that the blonde was ginger and male. Timmy hates teh ghey, and immediately freaked out, not realizing that there's no girls on the internet and he should've seen it coming all along.


Timmy decided to investigate every other female he had previously wanked to for evidence of cock, with the help of his oversighter buddies. He soon found one in Krimpet's panties, and posted dox on Wikipedia Review for all to see. However, Krimpet had sucked enough bureaucratic dick to make friends with the ArbCom, who pulled some strings and banned him from TOW.

Finding that everyone on WR hated SlimVirgin, Timmy tried to dox WR honcho Gomi in revenge, but was tossed off WR. Has he sneaked back? Ask their ace doxer Tarantino! Timmy then set up shop on MyWikiBiz, sloppily collecting incorrect dox on TOW and WR administrators and posting them, usually retracting them the next morning when sober. He also kisses up to SlimVirgin and Alison, while feeling their crotches to check for willies.

Why this article then?

Okay okay, so you've read the above paragraphs and are thinking "a San Francisco tranny chaser... why does he have an ED article?" Turns out this article was written by Wikipedia Review insiders as revenge for exposing Poetlister and somehow being involved in the Blissyu2 scandal. Tl;dr: Wikipedia is dying so nobody cares about this anymore.

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