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"I was lonely and wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt."

LJ User Lj-favicon.png tartanclaymore (Matthew Benjamin Abernathy, aka The Cardinal King) is a neckbearded pedophile known for harassing 13 year old girls . After being turned in by the internet police, he was pwned and got on the Party Van. After being caught and then kicked out of his Interweb community, he ran to his LiveJournal, FABWEETED! whining about an axis of evil turning him in, when in fact he had rattled off a FABWEETED! a laundry list of underage girls he had been with mere posts earlier. He often stalked his ex-girlfriends and people who he thought was the "Axis of Evil". He has lied about his schooling such as going to Scotland and being in the elementary schools untill 1993.

He frequents anime/teen chatrooms, such as SailorMoon Universe chat, Dream Twilight, Moonlight Chat Galaxy, and SailorMoon Paradise, and tries to befriends the owners and administrators there in order to be able to get administrative or moderator access to it. When he doesn't get pick to be admin then he puts the admins of the chatrooms and sites to his list of the "Axis of Evil." He stalks these people of these former and soon to be revived chatrooms to give them grief because as he had stated one time "I don't forgive, ever." He believes that these people have done wrong to him and he is so bent on that grudge that he tries to take as much vengence as he can on these people.


To the General Lee!

When not soliciting girls, Cardy is full of white pride (but he don't hate!), ranting in an unreadable "Scottish" accent about his love of Hitler (who he looks up to as a politician, as he claimed when running for office), Confederate States of America and black chicks.


The list of the Axis of Evil contains people that doesn't agree with him, that have disliked him, that have befriended him, or that have not given in to what his needs are. The term "Axis of evil" was used by George Bush in his State of the Union Speech to describe regimes that he accused of sponsoring terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction. So the term "Axis of Evil" was not his orginial idea. He used the term in early 2003 or early 2004 to describe the group of people that he BELIEVE has been "Conspiring" against him. It appears as everything bad that happens to him is a conspiracy and it's all the "Axis of Evil" doing. And each year he seems to keep adding more people to his list of the "Axis of Evil." Some people that finds out they are apart of that list don't understand why they are on it. Especially when they never seem to have contacted or know of the Cardinal King (Matthew Abernathy) in their life.


He stated in his an IM conversation that what he write in his journals are not "entirely" true but it's to confuse his "enemies." To manipulate his enemies to do turn on each other and to do what he would expect them to do but it turned out to his demise that his "enemies" united and focused their torture on him. As he kept posting contesting the Axis of Evil to do something to him and when he gets what he asked for he whines about it. As well as when it affects his "Life" which is basically the internet.

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