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Thank You, Britain.

The face of British pride, dressed like a sex offender from the 1970s.

TashkentFox (Real name: Edward Barlow, Age: 22) is a bisexual fascist furfag hailing from Manchester who thinks the feeling of live mice scrabbling down his throat is super sexy. Frequently compared to Cigarskunk, he is best known for his rabid and frequent right-wing outbursts, resulting in epic trolling and lulz on the part of other members. His brief, but notable instances of political commentary have resulted in many gains for his nationalist views. He is found online as TashkentFox, Tash, Zaroff, Section Leader Shaw or Tenacious. He also wishes he will become the leader of Fascist Britain, despite the fact that he regularly whines how he is unemployed(due to his "emo-like depression"), poor, single, a virgin and still lives with his mother until going on the dole.

TashkentFox made a thread asking why nobody likes him. To his utter shock and dismay, furs flocked to troll the fuck out of him before the thread was closed.

Tashkent: Right-winger, Furry and Youtuber

Tashkent began his internet activities on YouTube, uploading propaganda for the BNP and various other anti Communist sideshows. This brief foray into political commentary was cut short after he deleted everything in a fit of rage after a perceived disagreement with Nick Griffin.

In March 2010 he decided to continue his antics on Furaffinity's forums, initially doing a good job hiding his raging paranoia and rarely stirred up trouble until...

Terrorist bastards!

The coat of arms of the Barlow family

Sometime in 2010, Tashkent discovered the existence of a monument to three Irish guys who were executed for shooting a police officer over 100 years ago a few miles from his home. Tashkent's family have a deep-seated hatred of Leprechauns, as they were thrown out of Dublin for pissing off the IRA. As a result, he felt an uncontrollable urge to make a thread about it and also stated that he smeared dog shit over the monument, instantly sparking off a drama war which showed he never had any sanity. He quickly began accusing other posters of being terrists or terrist supporters; this continued for several weeks until he earned himself moderation for his idiotic trash. While on moderation, he made an alternative account under the pseudonym of Astana. For a few days, he went unnoticed until he became engaged in a flame war with a member he had previously argued with. A passing mod noticed that Tashkent had failed to change his IP address and both his accounts were perma-banned.

Tashkentfox gets banned for the same furfaggotry that got him b& from FA's forums.

Shortly afterward, he made another account on another site, UKfurs, a forum for british furfags. Thinking that since everybody else was there was english, everybody would back him up in his random anti-irish campaign. Unfortunately, he failed to realize that nobody gives a shit and listening to him is annoying as fuck. He was b& from the forums and all his lulzy posts were instantly deleted.

Domestic Disputes

Lol homeless

According to a shout made on this youtube account, Tashkent has been kicked out of his house by his mom, possibly due to his heroic protesting of bedtime by means of flinging dog shit.

Or this.

Though, considering how he has stated afterwards that he is currently still living with his mother, this has apparently been resolved.

Adventures on Doctor Who forums

After getting his ass kicked on FurAffinity Forums, Edward sarted getting more involved with his other major liking, Doctor Who. He joined the famously nitpicky and elitist fanboy forum Hive Forum, a forum predominantly against the New Series of Doctor Who. However, at the same time, he was busy still fuming about his disastrous FurAffinity and UKfur bannings, and to calm himself down, he made this video...

A Tribute to the Eastchester Labour Camp brigade of the British Republican Security Forces: Defending the State from reds, reactionaries and spies and ensuring the survival of Leader Mosley's legacy. Unity is Strength! Hail the Leader! Long live Britain!
The Glory of Britain

This was only one symptom of the immense obsession Edward has over the fictional Fascist universe featured in the episode Inferno, for when not masturbating over the idea of being reborn as a fox and eating all the mice and people he could want, he wishes he that lived in a totalitarian dystopian shithole, despite being an the sort of waste of space who'd die first in such a regime. Although his Youtube account was unknown to the Hive, he would mention to the other members that he loved the Fascist character of Liz Shaw, would state that he wished he was born in the Fascist universe, and state that he thought he was turning into a Primord. At first, he kept a low profile on the Hive, presumably because he was still reeling from his banning on Fur Affinity forums, but then, no doubt after an argument with Mumsy and downing some lager, Barlow had decided that he would reveal his Fascism for all to see.

Although at first pretending to be polite, he would often bring up his politics when other members had already stated offense, and certain posters were immediately calling for him to be banned, even though the Hive was renowned for its lax moderation. The next stage would be when he was revealed to be already posting on a Fascist forum. His anti-Irish and anti-Stalin campaigns have stopped, which has nothing to do with the fact that there are Stalin-loving retards and paddies on that board. Considering how Zaroff kept harping how he was not racist this only deepened the Hive's dislike towards him, and after getting told, bluntly, to GTFO, he slinked away to another forum, The Anorak Zone.

However, he bounced back with a vengeance and began deliberately mentioning labour camps, Mosley, Mussolini, et al at every oppurtunity. In response, his detractors started mocking him for his furry fetish and how he still lived with his mommy. Eventually, the forum was divided into three camps. Those that wanted total freedom of speech and therefore challenge him at every oppurtunity, those that wanted him booted from the forum, and, of course, white-knighting windbags whou accused the others of being bullies.

Things came to a head the Nicholas Courtney tribute thread, when Barlow used an image of Courtney as Bret Vyon to match his user rank, "Man In Blackshirt". The resulting shitstorm was eventually removed by an emotional moderator, and this infuriated mebers who'd realised Barlow had brought moderation to the forum.

Man in Blackshirt - imagine this guy getting drunk and eating a live mouse.

Again feigning innocence and slinking away again, another member had provided a link to an Youtube vidoe episode of "Not the Nine O'Clock News" mocking Oswald Mosley. Another member looked at the comments, and found the comment "R.I.P Sir Oswald" left by a certain TashkentFox. Noting the similarity between this and Barlow's previous username, Tash some furious Googling later, and his FurAffinity account and other accounts with that name, and this very article were conjured up. In fury, Barlow started his last thread but it immediatle became a document of every stupid thing Barlow had said. Barlow lost control, and started ranting death threats in ALL CAPS, turning from the most annoying poster to the forum's lolcow. He left soon after, but not before leaving a massive legacy of lulz.

Zaroffs clips shows his retarded ranting done in Xtranormal, zaroffs office romance shows the posts that led to the ranting.

Some heart-warming quotes...



— It's funnier as a screencap.


You will all suffer, ALL OF YOU


— Lulz is dangerous in large amounts.




— And eat them!





— Oehs noes!


You're going to suffer come the glorious fascist revolution.

you will be the first resident of the Bolton labour camp, how does that feel? You will be road-testing it for all the millions of dissidents and other bastards to follow.


— In his wet dreams, anyway




— And eat it?


Rabbits are delicious. Vixens are for sex, rabbits are for food, get it right you silly authors


— Barlow gives us sex tips


My aunt thinks I'm a goth because I always wear black period clothing, but I do occasionally wear a pink shirt.


— Well as long as you're not goth


My father is a John Lennon impersonator and traumatised me for life by forcing me to watch Yellow Submarine when I was 9, so I have more reason to hate Lennon than most.




England isn’t a country, it is part of Britain along with Scotland, Ireland and Wales(The full name of Britain is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland)


England isn't a country


I am 19 years of age, most 19 year olds still live with their parents.


— Most 19 year old losers do, yes


I would imagine that the most widespread religious beliefs would be polytheistic and involve the deification of the sun or the moon, like the majority of human religions throughout history. I think highly social species such as wolves would have very complex religious beliefs and ceremonies while loners like foxes or weasels would have more informal methods of worship.


Furry religion, yeah, he said it


The camps in Germany proper were all conventional labour camps, no organised state-initiated mass murder took place at Dachau or Bergen-Belsen, it's widely believed that many of the deaths at those camps were actually the result of allied bombing of German railway lines.


— More history lessons


I have absolutely no decent clothes, all three of my suits are too tight and all my shirts are either too big or too small. The only clothes I have that fit me are a faded tartan sport jacket, a pair of frayed corduroys and a rotten old shirt. Why can't I get clothes that fit me?


— His interesting decor fit his size


rodents make my mouth water, dunno why (probably my Vulpine instincts telling me something)


Or maybe you're a batshit-insane freak.


It's one of the worst in all three categories, it's worse than Islam, Bolshevism and WallMart.


— Communism and Wallmart are religions, see. Furry religion is A-OK, though!


I'm a borderline Teddy Boy


— what is this I don't even

Boo hoo hoo, I've got such problems! :(

Immediately after the shitfest, Barlow resorted to the last trick - blubbering to all your butt-buddies for sympathy. Now that the only non-political forum he's hiding in is the Anorak Zone, he has been posting all sorts of blubbery shit for sympathy and guess what? The retards believed everything he spewed.

But it seems that even this trick ran out and Barlow's only went and crawled back to furfaggotry. Now his days are spent sitting on his arse and wasting his dole money posting on Twitter and commisioning shitty artwork of his fursona rather than doing anything productive. And apparently he can't even visit furry conventions without getting assaulted, judging by the ragings from his Twitter.

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