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Nobody screws with Based God as long as TaskForce is around

Only one entity could exist whose fanbase borders on a full-out trolling organization; that of course being prolific rapper Lil B and his all-powerful Twitter goon squad, TaskForce. Composed of amateur musicians, samplers, 13-year-olds, and other assorted types one would expect to be involved balls-deep in Twitter hustling, the TaskForce is known for daily demolishing of those opposed to Lil B and his ideals, primarily swag. Many Twitter users find the TaskForce to be obnoxious, asinine, or some variant, this only furthering their efforts to wipe Twitter clean of all potential and known enemies.

Notable Members


Joey Bada$$

The war on wax and Twitter between Lil B and Joey Bada$$ has gotten pretty intense in the aftermath of their diss tracks. Last night, Joey vented his frustrations about Lil B's army of fans--known as his "Task Force"--harassing him, tweeting, "I just wanna snuff somebody and delete my twitter. Yall taskforce n*ggas is p*ssy. G*y a** computer nerds. Come to my face with that taskforce sh*t ill punch u in ya throat." Following those tweets, Joey deleted his account. (Joey Bada$$'s Twitter)



Known critic of Lil B and Pitchfork-acclaimed artist Joey Bada$$ proved to be an emotionally unstable wreck after being targeted by the TaskForce due to his tendencies to insult Based God for attention. Upon being faced by the might of the TaskForce, Joey took the only logical step for a man in his shoes: remove his public accounts and discuss his wanting to "snuff somebody".


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