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It's not murder if it's not human.

The process of producing rugs or life like three-dimensional replicas of a previously killed furry (often killed at a fox hunt), for the purpose of display.


As furries are animals rather than humans, the laws prohibiting murder and (in some states and countries) rape do not apply, providing the furry is in season. After the effort of stalking the furry back to its basement and shooting it (a process known as hunting), the hunter will often seek to commemorate the effort expended by taking the carcass to a taxidermist.

Oh the joys of taxidermy!

In the case of a model the taxidermist will freeze the carcass and then take casts from the body parts, before crafting a model usually from fibreglass and other man-made materials; often only the furry's skin is incorporated into the reproduction.

For a rug the process is simpler; the furry is skinned and decapitated, with the skin being subsequently tanned. A mold of the furry skull is then inserted into the skin in place of the original.

Once the process is finished, the proud hunter will then often display their new trophy in a prominent place around the house, providing an interesting and stimulating conversation piece for parties and social gatherings.

Good ol' Rowdy!

If you are in dire need of many, many rugs (read: hundreds), then we suggest you consult Furcadia. It's almost fursecution season! Start early with Ravynwolf! She's childfree, as well as a furry!

When Good Taxidermy Goes Bad

Hold On A Second, There's A Leopard Feeding On An Impala On My Deck!

Nope! Just Chuck Testa with another realistic mount.

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