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The type of 13 year old girls you meet on Teenchat

Teenchat is a chatroom website created at least 100 years ago by a Pedophile named Dan. Dan or Faggot for short, spends all his time pretending to be a 13 year old girl so he can cyber with other 13 year old girls who usually turn out to be old fat pedophiles too. (See Irony)

Teenchat attracts thousands of basement dwellers and fatfucks who often think they're getting in flame wars with each other when in reality, it looks more like two people with Down's Syndrome squaring off in a Special Olympics event. When Teenchat isn't hosting it's prime Special Olympics events, it is a squirming mass of uglies and fatties desperately trying to score internet love.

This article is actual proof of Teenchat's faggotry simply due to the most recent author of the majority of the "Resident Troll's" subsection; this fool is clearly trying to virtually stalk many of the acclaimed trolls on Teenchat but he is so much of an autistic whale that he cannot actually get the names correctly, nor can he spell the word "epitome" correctly. This, as said, is proof that Teenchat is a virtual Darfur in the making, witnessing many episodic electronic genocides.

www.Teenchat.com, for idiots who cannot figure this out already, is the link to the actual website. BEWARE: You are entering a domain that can only be designated a virtual Caligula's asshole. Non-virgins not included.


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