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A typical teen mommy with her teen baby.

Lj-favicon.png Teenmommies is a community on LiveJournal for unwed teenage mothers to show off their inability to use a condom. Quite often members have no sense of humor and joking about Dead babies is seen as so terrible that it should be censored. They have unsuccessfully attempted to shut down the Dead Babies community more than once. The average age of teenmommies members is 17.23 years. Teenmommies are frequently Cock Trappers.

Many pictures are posted to this community including this post where a teen mother brings her child to Home Ec. class. Other posts are bitch fests where preggers teenie boppers wax philosophical about what a father's role is, drug use and retardation, and of course tattoos.

Some teen mommies lose their sanity when they talk off-topic too much, like That's not too typical, I always see either skulls, tigers, or panthers lol. Did YOU ever see lolling skulls, tigers or panthers? Well most people haven't.

From the Community Info page:

This is a journal for young parents (Moms and Dads) who have chosen life for their children despite how much it would change their lives. We are of many races, origins, and religions, but we all value the lives of our children, born and unborn. This group is specifically targeting young parents ages 15 to 25 who are pregnant or already parents to gather support, but anyone is welcome to join and contribute positively to our community. Welcome!


Some of the best ljdrama fodder historically has come from fights between the Teenmommies community and the Childfree community on Livejournal. Because the drama of abortion, birthing, drugs, and high school is not enough.

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