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Atomic.gif Warning!
Tehbigtoaster is back and is flagging down Youtube videos, you can help by mirroring them fucking everywhere

Watch Out! Thumb ltd a189.gif This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.
if you see this person IRL, call the partyvan

Tehbigtoaster (t.o.4.s.t.r#marijuana8) is a textbook example of trying too hard. Toaster has been making shitstains on YouTube since the middle of the ANON Vs PAUL FETCH WAR. He's basically what you get when you you take a random attention seeking newfag and give them a webcam. He's wholly symbolic of the new wave of desperate, cancerous and misguided 13 year old boys flooding our tubes in 08 whom repeatedly clown themselves trying to be successful namefags. His "trolling" (the term is used loosely) equates to a toddler spraying diarrhea all over the living room floor and then acting proud because he partly hit the potty; and since he's a self-admitted infantophile, that image probably turns him on. He's also a big fan of Paul Fetch, despite the fact that even Fetch has stated publicly that thinks he is a complete retard. Oh the irony.

To4str constantly tries to get pictures and information on him removed through fake DMCA takedown requests. He tried to get this page, this page, and even this ED page taken down.

you're behind the times.. it has already been proven why i am not "edward reeves". feel free to keep thinking that tho, idc. the police can trace you back through your 7 proxies with ease.


—Big Toaser on "wut/wat" debate

a fat redneck in a mask? Someone just needs to ask how exactly he plans to take down ED





—Big Toaster

Because I know all the people that support me would vote 5 stars"


—Toaster - Not realising noone supports him

ಠ_ಠ You're just butthurt that I trolled you and all your other acne-covered YouTube "troll" buddies for >1 year. Go fuck yourself, retard.


—Toaster's response to an ED user

Is his sexuality real or trolling?

Toaster showing his massive ass in tinychat.

When Toaster was asked what was his lowest range of sexual attraction, he said, "between the age of 0 and 1." Now normally Ed would have some kind of witty comment following this quote, but nothing can measure up to this disturbing fact.

WTF is wrong with you?! Having CP convictions doesn't make me a criminal. [And he was caught by a] P2P honeypot.


—Toaster as User:Kimmoalmisafaggot

Toaster originally claimed he was openly a pedophile, but was only into little girls and not boys. He for some reason considered being gay was so very very wrong, but being a child molester was awww right. Eventually Toaster came out of the closest and said he was exclusively a little boy lover, though he didn't technically say it. Oh no... What happened instead was Tinychan regularly gets this user called To4str who just by some strange coincidence happens to have a matching IP to Toaster that uploads a lot of images that you'd rather not hear described. It goes on until eventually Tinychan shuts itself down so its owner can SSH into the server and manually delete (Due to its software sucking) these certain unmentionable boy images.


[1:47] to4str: i was
[1:47] to4str: charged for making cp of myself
[1:47] to4str: when i was 11-14
[1:47] to4str: years old
[1:47] to4str: then they arested me when i was 15
[1:47] to4str: :(
[1:47] to4str: i liked
[1:47] to4str: pleasing men :3
[1:49] to4str: over nine thousand men have masturbated to my underage body :3
[1:49] titzorgtfo: You take pride in that?
[1:49] to4str: yea?


—May 7 2010, [1]


[1:51] to4str: i would be grossed out if women masturbated to me
[1:51] to4str: but
[1:51] to4str: i m gay


—May 7 2010, [2]


[1:59] to4str: gross
[1:59] uzername: faggot
[1:59] to4str: dont talk to me about females
[1:59] to4str: plz


—May 7 2010, [3]


[2:05] to4str: if i had a little boy i would be complete
[2:05] uzername: I personally hope you get locked the fuck up again
[2:06] to4str: like 9 years old
[2:06] to4str: so
[2:06] titzorgtfo: Therapy
[2:06] titzorgtfo: help
[2:06] to4str: you guys are insane
[2:06] titzorgtfo: Insane for telling you to get help?
[2:07] to4str: i would rather spend it on a plane ticket to thiland and just have a week of non stop ass fucking
[2:07] to4str: that would help
[2:07] titzorgtfo: And ruin the lives of children?
[2:07] titzorgtfo: Children in thailand aren't fucking you because they want to
[2:07] to4str: so
[2:07] titzorgtfo: it's called sex slavery for a reason
[2:07] to4str: i have money i will pay
[2:08] to4str: i will buy them whatever they want
[2:08] titzorgtfo: I know you will
[2:08] titzorgtfo: I'm saying that's a bad move
[2:08] titzorgtfo: you will ruin their lives
[2:08] to4str: WTF
[2:08] to4str: you are fucking ridicious


—May 7 2010, [4]

Toaster Q&A from here

Q: Will you marry me? :3
A: If you're a cute guy. ~_^

Q: Why do you bully loli?
A: Lolis are disgusting.

A: :3

Q: Explain more about the CP you made
A: Well, usually I'm really lazy when making CP. I usually just buy some pre-made bases at the supermarket, lay on some pizza sauce then top it with a combination of medium cheddar and mozzarella cheese. How do you make cheese pizza?

A Retard is Born

In the midst of Anons war against Paul Fetch, a new brand of faggotry was born. BodyXPolitic & Tehbigtoaster bought into Paul Fetch's propaganda. Being the newfags they are they began spewing videos claiming support of Paul Fetch...only to find that no one cared but them. Recently he engaged in the struggle to make "Boxxy" Queen of /b/. After "Boxxyakamoldybread" made multiple remix videos making fun of him, TehBigToaster deleted his videos and filed DMCA claims against Boxxyakamoldybread, under the name "Hugh Ivarsson."

The plan to attack Garrick on the 11th of July

Sometime in 2009, Toaster decided to launch an attack on Garrick. He claimed that ED was a "hate site" made by "trolls" who used it to "slander" him and it was also full of lies. He along with BodyXPolitic started the Anti Troll Movement. Toaster than began to start e fights with fellow troll and ginger baby Darksidered992. Toaster apparently has been e stalking Red and gaining his personal information than adding them to doxbox.org. Garrick than was called at his house by Toaster who ordered him several pizzas. Garrick replied back by saying, "That he wasn't trolled and he was actually trolling Toaster who in fact got trolled."

Toaster's attack on EDs IRC

On July 31 2009, TehBigToaster decided to cry moar over this article and demand, under threat of lawlsuit, the removal of said article.
So, he decided to not only pick a sysop, but the OWNER of this site to bitch incomprehensibly at.
Being the total fucking moron he is, he totaly missed the mark and bitched at a regular user on ED's IRC, however as the user was the admin of bokuchan at least he got SOME admin to bitch at instead of the whore that used to run ED.
Full copy+paste of the chat may be read here.

Toaster, AnonTalk, and Tinychan - The Story

Toaster mailed this letter to Kimmo back in May 2009. This is why Kimmo closed his PO Box.

When Anothertalk.org was originally started by its self-named "sane pedophile" owner KawaiiNeko-tan, that owner liked to constantly complain about some unknown faggot called TehBigToaster. When the original Anothertalk.org shut down and dropped its cancerous userbase into Tinychan, Toaster then moved along with them to Tinychan, but he became a namefag.

To4str is bipolar and regularly jumps back and forth between hating Kimmo Alm and loving Kimmo Alm. Most of the secret AnonTalk moderator tool screenshots have all been from him and he'll regularly work against Kimmo in every way possible. Then he'll shift on a bipolar swing to suddenly be in love with Kimmo, defending AnonTalk to the death and then claiming that he was the one who sent DMCAs to all anti-AnonTalk YouTube videos in the name of Jan Martin rather than Kimmo.

Last Thursday, Kimmo Alm decided that To4str was too old and that his anus was all used up, and made the decision to revoke Toaster's wiseguy privileges. Right away, he went straight over to Tinychan and BAAAAWWWWED about it, which was met little sympathy and lots of trolling. Toaster continues to fag up the internets around Tinychan, Minichan and AnonTalk, which kind of makes him like the biggest faggot at the gay bar.

Since 2008, he has claimed that he is making his own, superior BBS that will recieve far more traffic than AnonTalk and Tinychan combined. In fall of 2009, to4str uploaded his abomination in response to Kawaii's release of the AnotherTalk source code, but the site received no attention whatsoever until after Tinychan moved to 4chan's servers. He spammed links all over Tinychan to his site, and it gained notoriety. He stated in an interview that he doesn't know shit about coding, so he hired some pakis to make him a buggy, piece of shit BBS, which he advertised as a haven from this:

Why has Jan Martin become such a massive prick? Before the transfer to 4chan, he was a fair and decent administrator; now he struts around playing internet tough guy, banning people for no fucking reason and acting like the biggest turd on the shit heap. What's the fucking deal with that?


—Toaster on http://anonbbs.com/topic/186

This horrible site can be found at AnonBBS.com. Since the Tinychan hack, he has upgraded to some decent software that allows for image posting and namefagging and of course, Toaster moderates his forum just as harshly as Jan. Though in his defense, he doesn't moderate it exactly like Jan. He moderates it like Kimmo. Yeah, okay, that's worse. Toaster's BBS also has become a haven for all those disturbing topics that AnonTalk was known for. Make sure to make a thread about how shitty his site is and what a giant faggot he is.

Like Kimmo, Toaster is a pathological liar. However, Toaster is far more mentally unstable, which is quite a feat indeed. Although Toaster runs forum software on a website he doesn't have any intention of actually running a forum, but he just wants a place where he can be sadistic to anyone who tries to post, taking joy in deleting all posts people put effort into and leaving the shitposts alone.. Toaster fills his forum with samefag threads discussing how AnonBBS is the most free speech site and Toaster is always such a fair moderator. These threads are vigorously moderated 24 hours a day nonstop by Toaster who deletes and bans anyone who points out the truth.

Just recently, a disgraced TehBigToaster quit Tinychan completely, citing "suffocating censorship and biased moderators." This suffocating censorship, in reality, was the repeated banning of Toaster for posting CP. Every time he's banned, which is at least once a day, he would then promise to never return to Tinychan again and then he'd stay up till 5am that night posting there, only stopping because Jan has to actually shut Tinychan down for hours to manually remove all the cached CP images that Toaster flooded Tinychan with. Just like Kimmo, Toaster floods his competitors' forums with CP and then goes and reports them to their webhost for it.

As a final insult to Kimmo Alm, to4str has managed to steal all of AnonTalk's userbase. As this is extremely funny, since Kimmo will have no one to yell at and insult anymore, it also has turned his site in to the new PedoTalk.

After 5/7/10 hack. Looks better than before doesn't it?

On May 7, 2010, Tinychan hacked into his site. His admin control panel can be accessed at http://anonbbs.com/!/ with user: a and password: 't1589 -- notice it is http and not https. AnonBBS has now been made open source including the database structure.

Tinychan then gave him suggestions on improving his code:

I am looking through his code and god damn the PHP is so messy and unorganized.

The HTML is also shit that Toaster needs to run his site through the w3c validator till it's clean.

He's got stuff like:
News flash, you should put the 60*60*24*30*60 in comments and then precompile the result in code or each time it runs, your CPU does needless extra work.


—A Tinychanner after looking through his PHP code

Oh my god varchar!


—A Tinychanner seeing that Toaster stored all his text in varchars

Oh my god, he is using MyISAM instead of InnoDB. I'm surprised his database hasn't been crashed a million times over because of this.

At least he is using unsigned numbers.

AUTO_INCREMENT is everywhere. This is a bad habit that you break when you get used to InnoDB or PostgreSQL.

All his numbers are int. No bigint or tinyint. Bad bad bad…


—A Tinychanner after looking through his database structure

Anonymous eventually performed drop commands on his database attempting to do him a favor and rebuild them in InnoDB and with proper structure. Unfortunately, doing this caused his site to quit with database errors, preventing the necessary PHP code injections needed to issue the SQL commands to rebuilt it. Toaster eventually got a hold of his webhost and regained control of his site.

Toaster Q&A from here

[Regarding Toaster's hacked and poorly designed website]
Q: Why do you suck at coding PHP?
A: I have bad visual snow which makes it difficult for me to read large text.

Q: Why do you go to AnonTalk if you love memes?
A: Uh... Why wouldn't I?

Q: Why does your opinion on Kimmo change so much?
A: Because he does things, like ban me and scramble my password after I created >600 topics, thousands of replies and moderated his site every single day for over a year.

Q: Explain more about Tinychan's censorship
A: You only have to visit TC to know of its censorship, I mean really. Are you kidding? They delete posts all over the place, edit posts like crazy, ban/ionize/exterminate random people all the time "for fun". TC is ran by huge group of power crazy moderators, who have the ability to view every minor action a user has made, regardless of their post count. Frequently they post screen-caps containing the IP addresses/host-names/posts/actions of their users, which is a complete disregard for their privacy. Just to recap, no user IP address has EVER been posted on AnonBBS. All IP addresses have been regularly deleted. AnonBBS has never banned anyone for talking about a specific subject, or anything similar.

[Depressionman is the only reason why anyone ever goes to Tinychan. It is unknown why he goes there since the moderators "ionize" remove every post he makes several times a day.]
Q: What do you think of Depressionman?
A: I really don't care, at all.

Q: What is your opinion on anonboard.com?
A: It's pretty chill. Very little censorship there, but they have their own weird memes and shit. I'm not very familiar with the history of it (F2 and FC). I don't frequent it.

[Leo and Fats run and extremely boring ramble of a podcast, The Banned For Life Show, that insulted Toaster a few times on it.]
Q: What do you think of Leo Vegas and Fats Ferguson, bud?
A: A two-bit pair of pseudo-comedian rednecks trying to form a circle jerk, but not realizing that two people can't form a circle.

[About Toaster's podcast he keeps planning to make.]
Q: No weed = No podcast, huh?
A: Pretty much, but when I did get weed, I just got really stoned and recorded a shitty podcast. Now I am doing it all again.

In May 2010, Toaster has stopped namefagging and became anonymous, but it is easy to tell when he posts -- He uses the words "cretin" and "iota" a lot. Toaster is really stupid with computers, as seen by his website. But from his formspring account, there's a big tell: the main giveaway is that Toaster willfully refuses to learn basic computer concepts, such as the difference between spam and flooding and will always confuse the two even right after being corrected.

Related Articles

Toaster's ED accounts

External Links

About him but not by him

Toaster's own website

(The site was replaced with a Telnet BBS, like Web 0.5 stuff.)

Some of TehBigToaster's countless sockpuppet accounts on Youtube:

If you know any of his current contact info please post it!
Current Skype: c0rrupt2thecore

Vocaroo done for Minichan

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the cancer that is killing /b/
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