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Information icon.png This is a meta-template and should only be transcluded from other portal templates.

{{{pagename}}} is part of a series on


Visit the [[Portal:{{{2}}}|{{{2}}} Portal]] for complete coverage.


Information icon.png Categories must be added manually.


As used in Template:Ytseries

{{portal|Portal yt.png|YouTube}}
Portal yt.png

{{{pagename}}} is part of a series on


Visit the YouTube Portal for complete coverage.


As used in Template:Chanology

{{portal|Portal chanology.png|Project Chanology|Anonymous}}
Portal chanology.png

{{{pagename}}} is part of a series on

Project Chanology

Visit the Anonymous Portal for complete coverage.

Odd page names

For example, with pages eBay and /b/ use:

{{sites|title=eBay}} and {{chans|title=/b/}}

so on the template it doesn't display as "EBay" and "B/"

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