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What Temple Grandin has said about autism is frequently extremely ableist, classist, and otherwise very problematic.


Autistic Hoya

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Temple Grandin is an autist professor that invented the hugbox and humane slaughterhouses, and is a professor of Animal Science. She thinks that every scientist and engineer is on the Autistic spectrum and has made lots of money writing about this, despite the fact that she doesn't have an engineering degree herself, but a Bachelor's in psychology and a Ph.D. in animal behavior.

Questionable Claims about Autists

Despite claiming to be a typical engineer, Grandin says that Algebra never made any sense to her. She says that an autistic person should just walk up to a company with an invention that he/she created and should get hired on this basis. I'm sure Chris-Chan should just go to silicon valley.

I’ve been out to the tech areas and there are just tons of families with autism out there. It’s sort of like you multiply the genetics, and then you’re likely to get a low-functioning kid. You’re not going to get, necessarily, another coder. You’re going to get a kid that’s nonverbal with a lot of handicaps.


- Yes, she really said that

She thinks Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs were all on the spectrum, and that nothing would have ever been invented if it wasn't for Autism. Not even a caveman's spear.

"After all, the really social people did not invent the first stone spear. It was probably invented by an Aspie who chipped away at rocks while the other people socialized around the campfire. Without autism traits we might still be living in caves.” - here

"If we didn’t have a little of the autism trait we wouldn’t even have this building here today with all the electricity in it, your video camera, powerpoint shows… None of this stuff would even exist."


"See, the thing is, It’s a continuum. When does a computer nerd become Aspergers? There is no black and white dividing line. I was full blown autistic, but then as you move up the scale to science nerds–as you move up the scale, when is computer nerd a medical diagnosis? It’s not clear cut." - Wrong Planet interview

Video where she claims that mobile phones were designed by Autistics, followed by epic facepalming.