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Tennis is the IRL version of Pong, and an even more boring version of badminton that lasts at least 4 hours per game, like all "sports" engaged in by the upper crust and unwashed Europeans. The lesbos and fags who play tennis have been known to suffer a variety of ailments, such as tennis elbow and AIDS. Tennis fans are easily trolled by arguing that tennis is not a sport, but a game.


Just wait 4 hours

John McEnroe

Waay before the Internet, John McEnroe became world famous for his excellent playing, and for his childish tantrums and arguing with the judges at every match he ever played.

How to let people think you are a pro in tennis

Only reason to watch tennis

This is why people watch Tennis at all About missing Pics
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All women in tennis are whores
Grunting is a big part of tennis
The shorter the skirt

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  • Soccer - Another sport enjoyed exclusively by Eurofags
  • Golf - Another "sport" popular among the rich
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