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Tenso is a meme originating from Brazil and Portugal. Yes, apparently they have their own crazy memes... Go figure. It is unclear which country has sole claim to the meme or from which of the countries it came from first but we here at Encyclopedia Dramatica know better than to question the hot blooded Mexican.

The meme follows a similar format to other frame-by-frame memes including Sup Dawg and The Rock Driving. The first frame of a Tenso usually displays an ordinary pic, but the frames that follow zoom in to something in the background which you normally miss. The meme started out using images containing devious or tense looking people in the background but has now evolved and now images containing simple humour or points of interest are also used.

Apparently "Tenso" means "Intense" in South American and Portuguese countries, but nobody gives a shit about that other than the assholes who try and intellectualise memes.

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