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Terry Childs is a computer engineer from San Francisco, currently residing in a federal prison cell. On July 14, 2008, in response to what he viewed as unfair wages and recent disciplinary action at work, he modified the city's municipal computer system to lock out everyone except himself with an incredibly complex passcode. With some reports citing over 60% of the city's infrastructure being locked out, the full extent of the damage is unknown. Childs is currently being held at $5,000,000 bail as the city calls in experts from around the country to attempt to restore access.


The incident has, of course, spawned outbursts from faggots of all stripes:

  • "Sounds like a 'Fire Sale', lock em out, and take control! Die Hard 4.0 here we come! Sounds exactly like what happened to the character Thomas Gabriel, they gave him crap, and he locked the country out of their own networks! This is what happens when you mess with a geek. 'We multitask like you breathe' The Core" - some faggot
  • "This guy creates a system which 60% of the area's local government departments are using - and then they discipline him for "poor performance". It's no surprise that he was feeling a tad under-valued and sorry for himself. It is possible he had yet to complete the final security measures which would prevent him from doing this lock-out. And - as everybody knows - don't annoy the chef until after your meal is cooked." - obviously some securityfag