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As far back as the Internets have existed there have always been famous trolls to ramble on and on about nonsensical bullshit and other crap that we would generally see as missing the point no matter what is posted. The great Internet troll Terryeo has gone above and beyond the status of complete dumbfuck to the level of Internet Scientologist. For years this idiot has trolled alt.religion.scientology, Wikipedia, over 9000 blogs that deal with the war between Anonymous and Scientology, and over 9000 MILLION blogs, forums, and other communities relating to psychiatry.

Who is this prick anyway?

Terryeo uses every annoying Anti-Anon troll tactic AT ONCE while linking to a website that HE NEVER HEARD OF

His name is Terry Olson, whether or not he is the father of the Olsen Twins is unknown but what we do know is that he is a member of the OSA HAHAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS. Terryeo is quite useful for crushing the life out of the moralfags. He's probably not a scientologist, as he has been seen fucking around with both sides. We also know that the dumbass never changes his name that way you can spot this scifag without even reading his responses. If Terryeo had half a brain he would change his damn screen name every time he says something stupid but no, thats what a psychiatrist would do. Terry claims to have been born, raised and resides in northern California. Terry says that he's a Vietnam war veteran and Scientology is like his calling in life or something. Terry subscribes to any blog or group that even does so much to vaguely mention Scientology once during a random discussion. He is an expert on everything Scientology and knows so much about it that some say that he really is L. Ron Hubbard from beyond the grave. He has an obsession with the name "Terryeo" because no matter how much he changes his screenname, its going to be referenced in his new one. For instance, he sometimes goes by the name "terryeo-lightfield-arkaitz-Lu-Chewyandbert" a name that just screams "SPAM!!" more than it does "GTFO TROLL!!"

Scifag Troll Tactics

Terryeo is known for holding every office in the entire scifag bureaucracy. For instance, here he is as their financial adviser

Terryeo is the master of trolling and uses every single trick in the book

  • "I'm not a Scientologist, but I did some research on the organization..."
  • "Psychiatry is obviously the culprit because..."
  • "Anonymous is a group of bored kids that hate free speech..."
  • "I'd like to thank the author for exercising his right to free speech, but I think your facts are incorrect..."
  • "I've heard that Scientology has done a lot of good things like..."
  • "I think we can all learn a lot from Scientology just by trying it once, I think I'll try a FREE test tomorrow!!"

Basically, he just goes into blogs that are crammed full of Anons and unleashes his fury, only to fail very...very hard. HAHAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS. He is, as was stated before, successfully trolling moralfags like the guy who wrote this article.

More Terrytrolls?

To keep up with the constant barrage of articles that pop up after each protest, Scientology seems to be hiring more and more trolls to spread their propaganda. Or then again, maybe Terryeo changes his name every now and then?

  • James Lightfield - A man that loves his linkz. He acts like a fully brainwashed Scientology warrior that praises Hubbard enthusiastically.
  • bgodley - An up and coming Scientology superstar. This prick likes to cite the partyvan wiki to sound like he's been investigating Anonymous (and not Scientology). He tries to justify disconnection by saying that Scientologists should be separated from unethical people. Recent intel suggests that bgodley has defected to Anonymous and has even confronted another troll by the name of...
  • Mike - The angriest Scifag around, Mike attacks both Anonymous and ex-Scientologists by raging at them and instead of lying he simply pretends to not care about Scientology's crimes.
  • Curiouser - Firmly believes that Anonymous is being financed by Psychiatrists and drug agencies.
  • 'Dirty Pierre' - A frustrated barrista, "Do me a favor. Next time one of you Anon Moniker Wearing Cracktalkers are at Starbucks, blurt out one of the statements above knocking one of my friends," "My Pierre" (as he's known to friends), is a self-described "friend" to $cientologists and apparently lives in Salt Lake City. He would like to invite Anonymous for a friendly cup of coffee and an implicit beating anytime they're in a location near him.


  • Scn1 - Is a NarCONon apologist who enjoys slandering without evidence, as opposed to "slandering" with evidence also known as "telling the truth." Having apparently missed an OSA memo regarding the connection between "BigPharma" and Anonymous, Scn1 has instead decided to advance the "postulate" of connecting protests to retail sales of street drugs. "They're just tweaked out and/or drunken college students paid to picket who could probably use a good detox themselves.. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if their campus dealers are the ones funding the pickets." [2]
  • Black Mamba - Despite his continual self-referential behavior regarding the size of his penis, Mr. Mamba is still rumored to be able to dance by hoisting himself round his own waist. He's fond of pointing to things which serve to separate people into different classes,and has an extreme dislike of Halloween, costume balls, and all things related to clowns. "What separates you from the idiots who stand around the Temple grounds berrating (sic) Mormons with a bull horn during Conference? At least they aren't dressed in goofy costumes." [3]
  • Tererun - The moniker he uses for trolling Gaiafags. Of course, trolling Gaiafags is like hunting paraplegic manatees painted electric green, on land. But still. 'S cool.


It is in your power to point the way to a less dangerous and happier life.


—Terry's favorite L. Ron Hubbard quote, it inspired him to go off and point others to a more dangerous and depressing life

...its OKAY and desirable to control other people at times.


—Terryeo reciting a core tenet in Scientologist thought.

The Church makes no official comment about Xenu. You would certainly expect a Church to announce its doctrine, wouldn't you?


—Terryeo in an argument on Wikipedia, because Xenu's existence isn't made official he therefore can't officially exist and so Xenu has no place in Wikipedia.

Oh look, you can hit the table with your fist and make a noise. Now what?


—Terryeo, after losing an argument with a Brit, he decided to piss off that person and tried to look cool after his opponent retaliated.

I'm not a Scientologist but I have some very nice friends who are and they tell me that everyone who attacks Scientology can be found to have some kind of criminal background. That does make sense since why would people be against the good things that Scientology are doing?


—terryeo-lightfield-arkaitz-Lu-Chewyandbert, proving that he really does know about Fair Game

This user has been blocked indefinitely from editing Wikipedia because of Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Terryeo.


—Terryeo's reign of terror on Wikipedia comes to an end. When reading this you can sometimes hear "The End" by the Doors playing in the background.

He is an administrator here and a respected member of the community. From Fred Bauder Owner/Admin. Wikinfo 00:09, 22 April 2008 (EDT)


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