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From Encyclopedia Dramatica

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TFO's fave band.

Tfo, also known as Lj-favicon.png tres_faux, is perhaps the gayest man on the internet. We are talking Andy Dick gay.

We mean IRL gay.

See also Kale.



Tfo and the Loss of His Virginity

[20:47] <@tfo> weev: my i lost my virginity in a baptism chamber
[20:48] <weev> tfo: loool
[20:48] <@Sheneequa> tfo: are you serious
[20:48] <@tfo> YES
[20:48] <weev> awesome
[20:48] <@tfo> NO JOKE
[20:48] <weev> AWESOME
[20:48] <weev> did the pastor rape you?
[20:48] <kardus> story please
[20:48] <@tfo> WEEV: SADLY NO
[20:48] <@tfo> I WAS 15, HE WAS 18
[20:48] <@tfo> IT WAS AWESOME
[20:49] <@tfo> IN A SEPERATE ROOM
[20:49] <@tfo> AND HE WAS HOT
[20:50] <@tfo> THEREFORE
[20:50] <weev> BUTTSEX
[20:50] <@tfo> FELLATIO RESULTED
[20:50] <weev> BUTTSEX
[20:50] <@Sheneequa> and you carried lube on you?
[20:50] <@tfo> NO THAT WAS LATER
[20:50] <@tfo> NOT IN THE CHURCH
[20:50] <@tfo> SADLY

Tfo and the Bareback Truckstop Sex

[16:52] <@Sheneequa> tfo: tell the story of the bareback truckstop
[16:52] <@tfo> it was a cold night
[16:53] <@tfo> and i was alone and horny driving down I-70 to st. louis
[16:53] <@tfo> i pulled over
[16:53] <@tfo> probably 11pm or so
[16:53] <@tfo> and there is this HOT HOT HOT guy in the urinal
[16:54] <@tfo> i come in and he turns around
[16:54] <@tfo> and just stands there cock out
[16:54] <@tfo> he motions to me with his head
[16:54] <@tfo> and i nod
[16:54] <@tfo> and he walks out
[16:54] <@tfo> and i follow
[16:54] <@tfo> to the cab of his truck
[16:54] <@tfo> and he fucks the shit out of me
[16:54] <@tfo> ALSO I WAS 17

Tfo and the Twingayincestfuck

[20:42] <@tfo> so anyway
[20:42] <@tfo> i was in chicago
[20:42] <@tfo> for a party
[20:42] <@tfo> eons ago
[20:42] <@tfo> i would have been 19 i think
[20:43] <@tfo> and these identical looking boys come up to me
[20:43] <@tfo> ie, twins
[20:43] <@tfo> and one of them asks me
[20:43] <@tfo> "are you spicyyyyyyyyyyyy"
[20:43] <@tfo> in a very gay fashion
[20:43] <@tfo> and i was not familiar with this particular vernacular
[20:43] <@tfo> but i kinda got what he was asking
[20:44] <@tfo> and was like
[20:44] <@tfo> ...
[20:44] <@tfo> i think so
[20:44] <@tfo> anyway
[20:44] <@tfo> i say that
[20:44] <@tfo> and the other one
[20:44] <@tfo> puts his hand down my pants
[20:44] <@tfo> and i was like
[20:44] <@tfo> UM
[20:44] <@tfo> HOLY SHIT
[20:45] <@tfo> and then we started making out
[20:45] <@tfo> which was fun
[20:45] <@tfo> and we were all fucked up on e
[20:45] <@tfo> and then we left the party
[20:45] <@tfo> at 4am
[20:45] <@tfo> to go to my hotel room
[20:46] <@tfo> and proceeded to have gay sex
[20:46] <@tfo> and then ended up coming back to the party
[20:46] <@tfo> before it ended
[20:46] <@tfo> around 6am
[20:47] <@Sheneequa> wait
[20:47] <@Sheneequa> twingayincestfuck?
[20:48] <@tfo> shen: duh

Tfo and the high school fraternity initiation

tfo: fucking high school fraternity initiations
eppigy: hot
tfo: it was
tfo: there was lots of blood and tears
tfo: from everyone involved
tfo: we all seroconverted that night
tfo: a dirty hiv-ridden syringe was passed around
eppigy: lol
tfo: and each of the ten of us gave a little bit of blood
tfo: until the syringe was full
tfo: and then i was bent over a chair
tfo: and the pledgemaster fucked me bareback
tfo: and when he came
tfo: jabbed the syringe into my neck
tfo: i passed out and when i came to there was semen EVERYWHERE

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