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Her ID.

Thagreatcreator, also known as Rachel Ann Bittler, is a retarded weeaboo troll devianTARTlet. This disgusting hellspawn was created from the bloody tears of the RP tartlets that she has annoyed to no end. It is safe to assume that her brain cells have committed a cult suicide in an attempt to escape from her. She has latched onto various canon fandoms with her acid spiderweb of Satanism in pathetic hopes of becoming a popular fag on devianTART, however she lacks the artistic ability needed to do so, and therefore she chooses to shit out crappy MS Paint bullshit of her Mary Sue OCs having retard sex with Envy from the animu Full Metal Alchemist.

Along with having the power to explode anyone's face with her complete stupidity, she also has an impenetrable forcefield of denial. Any and all comments that have to potential to cause her butthurt are immediately hidden and never replied to. What a bitch.



Art theft is AWWRIGHT!

Having the artistic talents of a monkey with down syndrome and a demeanor that makes Sephirothslave look sane, she continues to produce crappy MS Paint works of her retarded OCs making sweet Sue love to canon characters from popular animus. However, unlike the monkey, she is incapable of doing half of the work herself and thus resorts to dolling on traced animu bases. As if using bases weren't bad enough, the bitch constantly harasses base makers and sends them BIG ASS lists of bases she wants made. No, she has no regard for their request status for in her mind she is above rules.


When she's not giving birth to some new MS Paint shit she's probably harassing the Touhou, Vocaloid, and Higurashi RPers. Although they have told her at least 100 times to GTFO, she never listens, and continues to spam them with poorly structured dialogue from her Mary Sue OCs. Have I mentioned that her OCs are Mary Sues?

Later on she went on to annoy the living hell out of the Fullmetal Alchemist RP, successfully getting one of them to bitch at her over being an intruding asshole.


Thagreatweeaboo is also an aspiring author, unfortunately her fanfics are just word versions of her "art". They're written like roleplays most likely due to the fact that she does not know how to describe scenes for shit. Many of them aren't her's anyway, since most of it is just ripped from other cartoon shows and song lyrics. Good to see her unending amount creativity and originality is still abundant.


Apparently, she can't tell the difference between a guitar and a fucking violin. The tartlet who corrected her is also fail for even caring.

Among the other lulzy things thagreatdumbass likes to do, she "gets bored" and posts long ass journals with over 9000 links to music videos on YouTube. Another quirk concerning this habit is that she never states the name of the song or the original artist, but instead comes up with a completely retarded name and credits it to her Mary-Sues (and Envy).

No one knows why she does this or what purpose it may serve, but we do know that she doesn't know jack shit about the music she listens to, as evidenced in the image to the right. Keep in mind, it should not be surprising that one who uses base dolls for her "original characters" credits stolen music to her Mary Sues.


Thagreatfaggot could have never become the OSM author she is now without first "borrowing" some other work. Shamelessly, she completely hijacked, beat down, and raped "Nendaiki", a fanfiction by another tartlet. A few changes here and there and BANG, her very own, completely original and obviously not stolen story. However, the original author was soon notified of this bullshit and proceeded to command her watchers to buttrape Thagreatretard in her journal. Sadly, this effort was not enough to fully take care of the troll. Soon, one brave tartlet stepped up...


After the great siege of the troll's journal, the original author of Nendaiki's troops retreated, frustrated by Thagreatcreator's thick skull. One brave, unknown hero finally stepped up and created Deviantart-favicon.png Thasugoicreator, a troll account for trolling a troll. It should be noted that "sugoi" is wapanese for "cool", but also for "terrible" lololololol

AHEM. And so, soon Thegreatcreator found out about this wonderful effort and of course went batshit insane. Many lulz ensued. She proceeded to throw a tantrum in its comments and posted a journal asking her nonexistent fanbase to kill it with fire. Her flawless, rage-fueled plan backfired on her, and instead the troll account received much support while her journals were flamed by said supporters.

This truly awesome account has not been banned and still stands tall and proud. I salute you, whoever you may be.

Dei Bureiku

Tired of being forced to face the cruel truth, Thabitchcreator posted yet ANOTHER journal claiming that she has seen teh errorz of her waiz and is going to write her own original story. And of course, by "original story", she means she's going to leave everything the way it is and only change the title. Because only changing the title definitely makes it unstolen and totally original, y/y? Being fluent in the language that is Wapanese, she decided to change the title to "Dei Bureiku", which in boring 'ol English is "Day Break". The title was converted to English not long after, as one tartlet (also one of her many victims) pointed out that Japanglish is fucking retarded when white people use it.


It's become known to a few tartlets that thagreatcreator is an art thief. FUCKING SURPRISE. One of the tartlets she ripped some crap from was even kind enough to post a link to her photobucket album containing the rips. (LOL HAXXED AND LULZY).

However, that comment was promptly hidden. Any other tartlet who dared to call her out for her bullshit was also given the "hide comment" treatment.

The Halloween Hax

Early on Halloween '09, a couple new accounts cropped up on devianTART: Deviantart-favicon.png Verify-Bot, and Deviantart-favicon.png Nagisa-Varumiya. Thagreatcreator left a comment asking who Verify-Bot was, since she thinks that demanding a phishing troll's identity is going to work, and soon after her old acount, Deviantart-favicon.png Thegreatcreator, was haxxed. Thegreatcreator proceeded to fuck up the account, watch every other troll in on thagreatcreator, and of course, flame the holy fuck out of thagreatcreator.

Thagreatcreator posted a journal alerting others to Verify-Bot as a spammer who asked for her personal information. Since her old account was hijacked only a little while after Verify-Bot's creation, it's safe to say that thagreatcreator was stupid enough to actually give Verify-Bot her information. Others think that Verify-Bot was a ruse thought up by our favorite weeaboo dumbshit in a pathetic attempt to gain attention. Which would come to no surprise either.

While thegreatcreator was fucking thagreatcreator's shit up, Nagisa-Varumiya popped up. If thagreatcreator's previous behavior was any indication, everyone expected Nagisa to be another of TGC's role-play accounts that she would use to personify Envee-sama to defend her. But it turned out to be a troll posing as TGC's fanfic Envy to troll the fuck out of her. Many lulz were had.

While the daRAMA was going on, TGC's Photobucket account was also haxxed, raped, and replaced with lulzy material.

The lulz continued for three whole days, as Thagreatcreator faked yet another emo-death, said she would leave, and caused most of her previous friends to hate her. Previously mentioned former friends then continued to get in on the lulz and caused Thagreatemo lots of butthurt.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end as both Verify-Bot and Thegreatcreator were perma-b&. Nagisa-Varumiya still stands proudly among the thagreatcreator troll brigade however, so all is not yet lost.

November Flame War

On November 3rd, little Hikari got in an argument with Deviantart-favicon.png xXxEnviousKittenxXx, and tried to godmod RP with Deviantart-favicon.png Forsaken-Bunny and Deviantart-favicon.png Mizuki-09. Naturally, neither of the situations went well for Thagreatfailure. Her two RP buddies got fed up with her bullshit when she went god mode and tried to kill their characters but ended up getting her Mary Sues epically pwn'd instead. They have since pledged to troll thagreatcreator off of DA. Meanwhile, she went batshit insane at EnviousKitten, who pwned her over 9000 times in arguments Here and Here BALEETED. Thagreatretard posted a journal BALEETED calling out these three "traitors" and getting into more pointless arguments that she would inevitably fail at. And afterwards posted YET ANOTHER BALEETED "I'm leaving forever" journal, and making more of her "friends" turn against her. Like what happened at the Halloween Hax only days before, many lulz were had.

Only a day after the flame war went down, Thagreatcreator was LOL BACK GAIZ and posted this journal BALEETED in a feeble attempt to apologise. Comments are already being hidden and another tartlet is scolding her for her fuckery (but oddly enough not getting their comments hidden). Lulz are likely to ensue.

Great Flame of December

Apparently, a new lulzy event must happen with TGC every month now. Let's make this a tradition, kthx.

Around last thursday, 8 new trolls popped out of fucking nowhere and flamed and spammed the holy fuck out of Thagreatcreator. Not all of their wonderful handiwork was captured, but if one goes through TGC's comments, one can find some still unhidden and a shit-ton of hidden or "marked as spam" comments. Some of their more creative comments can be seen here.

Though 8 new trolls popped up, there were actually 10 participants. The other two old trolls were Nagisa-Varumiya and NagisaVarumiya (lolwut?). The other eight; collectively called the Winter Trolls, are: Tahgreatcreator, ThaMarySueCreator, ThaGreatWhore, ThaGreatBitch, Envee-sama, fanficshit, ZeppelinCrash, and HikariKamiwaza.

During the flame fest, Thagreatcreator admitted to being an Asspie somewhere in this journal (all comments now hidden) and proceeded to try and blame her bullshit on it, as Asspies do, instead of growing a pair and standing up for herself.

This epic flame-fest of roasting Sue asses caused Thagreatfailure to BAWWW in an emo journal yet again (see here). But this time her pity party is not garnering much pity and Greatfail seems to have finally gotten the fuck out. Of course, she could just be logged out for the day. But it's hard to tell since the fucktard is online constantly.

A bit later on, the troll known as HikariKamiwaza had revealed TGC's actual address, revealing that the retard lives in Denver, Pennsylvania. TGC did no go apeshit as was expected, but instead changed her tone and typing behavior (complete with somehow growing the ability to grammar). She then revealed that her "parents" have taken over the account and that she "can't be TGC right now". The fact that she switches between referring to herself as TGC and later saying she's the "parents" confused many a tartlet, but it's probably safe to say she's just faking it out of butthurt.

But last Thursday, visitors to Thagreatcreator's page were greeted not with the usual BAWW-fest journal and a display of a festering shitpile of pixels she calls art; they instead saw a "This deviant has been suspended" message. Later investigation from ThaGreatBitch and Mizuki-09 revealed that she had been reported by one Golden-Chicken, who had reported her for all the weeaboo cybersexing she did on public comment pages. Much rejoicing was done at the discovery of TGC's suspension, and much anticipation is about as a certain few speculate what lulz may ensue when TGC's temp-ban is lifted.

It's not over 'til the fat lolcow sings.

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