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The-Lantiis = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Prepubecent boy to Manatee in 10 years.

Deviantart-favicon.png ilantiis, aka the veteranist veteran to ever veteran is a blubbering manatee of a woman that used to be in the military, but then something rather unfortunate happened. Of course she wasn't discharged from the military for that. No, she has a case of PTSD from all the hard work she did working as a mop lady cleaning up after actual surgeons. After getting tired of doing that for a year and ten months she decided to spaz out and act like a retard; and the Air Force decided instead of putting up with her shit to just kick her out. Although her Certificate of Release contradicts her story of PTSD.

This shit is serious son.

According to her own DD124 (right) she was discharged for a character or behavior disorder. Furthermore her rentry code means general or other-than-honorable eroding the fact entirely that she was discharged for anything other than being a tard. Now, this normally wouldn't be enough to make an ED article out of, there's always a catch. No, she likes to make it a big deal about how she's totally a veteran of war because she has a medal which no one has ever seen. In addition she has the magical ability to age two years while only spending one year ten months in the service. Not only this but she's supposedly being hacked, is having business driven away, and generally having her feeling hurt by mean people on the interwebz. Although, for an IT professional she's really fuzzy on what hacking actually means.

About the Manatee

Now that The-Lantiis was out of the military with a bum knee what was there for a budding girl to do? Why become a reverend and get three college degrees of course. All while packing on the pounds like a bear before hibernation. Also, become one of countless attention whores on deviantART, and the internet at large. In addition to doing shitty artwork she's busy defending herself from hackers intent on sullying her good name.


The-Lantiis is the founder of a Deviantart group called DAWishingWell. It is apparently supposed to be a wishing program that gives free premiums and points to 14 year olds who don't feel like doing it on their own, well, that's the most common thing they give since that's what about everyone fucking wishes for.

They also feature artworks, but just like their wishing system, they do a goddamn shitty job at it.

The group is run as a dictatorship by extremely biased and oversensitive admins that want everything done their way or else they lose their shit and remove you from the wishlist (your chances of getting your wish granted were the same as getting struck by lightning and winning the lottery in the same hour anyways, sooooo...)

One thing that makes the admins flip is giving criticism. You dare criticize their precious system, you will most likely get a huge reply from the admins (quite possibly the Manatee herself) on how you are being "rude" and "disrespectful" and that you have to wait even longer now for your bullshit wish (which will never come true). If it is the Manatee, she will tell you not to reply since she is afraid of what you might say.

Most people don't need her scam group, bitch. Only lazy fucks need it.

Famous Quotes

During my time there, I went through a training exersize and badly injured my knee; physical therapy was required to walk properly again, and I was issued a knee brace to wear during extended periods of physical activity.


—A blatant lie; manatees don't have knees.

Note that comments are now disabled... This actually makes me a little sad because everyone who commented here basically said my style sucked and I should go backwards. Well tough cookies. It is my style, and I love it.


—On her inability to make better art after six years of trying.

I am a disabled veteran (and can also be classifed as a combat veteran depending on what branch of government you ask since I was in the military during the War on Terror (which is officially stated to have begun on 9/11/01


—On her totally being a veteran.

I was not discharged for a physical reason but for a mental reason.


—Totally not insane.

I am a disabled Air Force veteran, a reverend, and yes, I do have 3 college degrees. I live bipolar, and although life can be hard, it only makes the good times that much more special!


—On her life with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I like noms...


—Really? We hadn't noticed.

I do hope you realize that the kids who created that site are incredibly stupid. Their whole "we're protected because we are in the Ukraine" is meaningless. First, the Ukraine has passed much stricter laws on defamation and intellectual property laws. Second, and more importantly, the Ukraine laws don't apply to them to begin with because their server is in SWEDEN which has different laws. I have helped people get their ED pages removed before based on Swedish law. These kids are treading a very fine line, much finer than what the BHB did and will eventually get in some serious trouble for it. I can prove, legally, everything I stated. Not only about being a veteran, but about my knee and PTSD. For them to simply repost the lies that helped get the BHB removed is very stupid on their part aside from being incredibly childish.


—On taking down ED.

I dont really care much about my page. It's all lies and it is possible that I can get it removed. I'm just not entirely sure it is worth it at this point since any person can go there and see just how chock full of butthurt the poster was. They linked all the proof too that they are wrong lol.


Showing stage one of butthurt.

Correct. I am talking mostly about their accusation that I am stealing valor and their repeated statements that I am lying about being a veteran. I never claimed to be a war vet or to be in any war, so I can't be stealing valor. The most I ever said was that I was in the military at the beginning of the war on terror which was 9/11 and where I got my medal. I am however a disabled veteran, service connected, and got my veteran status for being in an area of hostility which was 9/11.



Thank you. It wasn't an easy road to take. I could have just legit all slide, but my service and reputation are far too important to give up on.


Taking shit too seriously.

To make it even worse, I get online today to have an ED reader stalking my profile and making comments to me about how what happened to me as a result of the harassment from the BHB group and ED page is simply "hilarious." Coincidence? Or are they at it again?


—On almost being robbed.

What Others Are Saying

The-Lantiis is so full of shit her eyes are brown.


Sulfide telling it like it is.

You just sound like an overly sensitive whiny dipshit, your piece of crap journal filled with crying kiddies has soiled the journal pages and stained my eyes with its dumbassery.


Angelishi letting Lantiis know they care.

Turn off the computer and go outside, for fuck's sake.


Galdur21 making a good point.

WOW. You are like...the biggest baby.


Queen-Capper hitting the nail on the head.

What the manatee thinks of ED



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