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TheClubBKids is a website of unknown purpose. This is mostly due to the fact that nobody knew it existed until a /b/tard found it and brought it to the attention of his brethren. From what little of the site was seen before the raid, it appeared to be an attempt at creating a /b/ light. It's full of scene kids that thing they are the "ZOMG HARDCORE" for quote "lurking icanhazcheezburger". The site was undoubtedly full of fail cancer and AIDS.

But why did it warrant the attention of the mighty 4chan?

The Declaration of Internets War

The original post that incited this great purging fire was a simple post asking how many of the posters at TheClubBKids were full fledged /b/tards. The response to this first post was the previously mentioned icanhazcheezburger lurker. The post was linked to 4chan and thus the rape was destined to begin.

The Raid


/b/tards who had nothing better to do quickly ran for their LOIC and /b/ folders full of goatse the pain series other such gore and reportedly CP. They began spamming the hell out of the forums with such content. The raid lasted approximately 3 hours before the mods at TheClubBKids were able to do anything about it. /b/tards declared victory and began dancing and buttfucking to celebrate.

While the raid itself was moderate win many considered the affair done with and turned their eyes on SOHH.

They were wrong....

The Great /B/AAAWWWW

Two days later a post was made on /b/ as often happens. However this post contained the following text:

Dear 4chan, /b/ whatever you want to be called. The thread that annoyed you so much was nothing to do with the Admins and 90% of the members of this forum. I can understand (after being told by an Admin who browses your site) why you would be annoyed with this, but would appreciate it if you could leave this forum alone. This sounds like a pathetically gay plee, (sic) but I would really appreciate it if you could just leave us please. Nothing will happen concerning /b/ on this board again and if anything does happen it will be dealt with promptly.


—-some fag

This message was originally posted to alert /b/ that TheClubBKids was still down and had posted a message of deepest apology for ever offending /b/. However many /b/tards couldn't be bothered to fucking check and see for themselves. Immediately thought it was one of the raided forums' members coming to piss in the ocean of piss. They were mistaken. There is a reason why "tard" is part of /b/tard.

The thread progressed when someone either a /b/tard or an actual member of TheClubBKids forums decided to take the imaginary troll attempt and make it very real. The troll proceeded to claim that TheClubBKids had been a website set up by the Partyvan to finally "take down those 4chan bastards!" The troll accused them of cyberterrorism and CP possession. Which we we all know /b/ would never do.

You guys have gone way over your heads this time. You kicked a honeypot and now the FBI has all the evidence and logs it needs to take you down! You think they aren't dying to get you faggots after the superbowl stunt? This day has been long in coming, and I personally can't wait to see this site down and out!






Many attempted to engage the troll in debate and several valid points were made. Unfortunately for everyone involved obvious troll was obvious, and in being so and still succeeding, successful troll was successful. In fact, it should go down as one of the best trollings ever done on /b/. Lulz were had by those smart enough to see through his clever ruse while others raged and attempted to prove him wrong.

In the end the thread reached it's post limit. And the issue has faded into the cesspit that is the memories of /b/tards...for now.

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