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theDigifish (Also known as Dorkfish or theDerpyfish) is yet another annoying fucktard on not only dA, but also a fan art site called The Lion King Fan-Art Archive. She is a troll-wannabe who fails at trolling at anybody who trolls either her friends or herself. She claims to be autistic (but says Asperger's isn't real) and to be sexually molested (how stupid is that?). Not to mention that her fucking "English" is horrible (even though she's from the United Kingdom) and claims few trolls that they have bad English, while we all know that she's the one who writes English badly. She's a hypocrite who faves hypocritical stamps (just like Sony-Mae) and, as said few seconds ago, tells that we trolls write bad English while it's her who have bad English.

Her life in TLKFAA

She came to The Lion King Fan-Art Archive to expect lolcows instead of lions

Fucking recolor. If she finds a scene from The Lion King or finds a base, she would recolor it without the owner(s)'s permission.

and milk lulz out of them. In other words, she annoyed the fuck out of a TLKFAA senior member named KashimusPrime. Not to mention that she posts, edits, and recolors the Lion King characters.

Her life as a pedophile

Pedobear's not the only mascot of pedophiles; Dorkfish herself is another mascot of pedophiles. Why, you may ask? Because she has a boyfriend who's fucking 12 years old named Deviantart-favicon.png DarkWater93. And she's 16 years old, which in 2 years, it will make her a pedophile since Deviantart-favicon.png DarkWater93 will still be jailbait.

MOAR failtrolls to the rescue

theDerpfish also sends failtrolls to annoy us trolls. For example, she joined a random group called #ButthurtBrigade in order to use the trolls as a shield to annoy the fuck out of Deviantart-favicon.png KashimusPrime. She also sent a failtroll named Deviantart-favicon.png xXtrollhunterXx in order to, as everyone knows, irritate the same senior member of TLKFAA.


Let's not forget the fact that she's been there for 3 years. She was a troll trolling trolls named:

In addition to those were 9 random users named:

She manages to keep ban-evading because of how fucking annoying she actually is.


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Fb-favicon.png Her Facebook, Katrine McLendon.

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